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5 Point Scale

The 5 Point Scale

Using the scale helps children understand that its ok to have a range of feelings and if we learn to know how we are feeling we can know better when we need support. 

The scale acknowledges that we don’t always feel great.  Sometimes we just feel ok and “Its ok to feel ok”

We encourage children to notice their feelings at the lower blue and yellow zones so we can support them to avoid this escalating to the orange and red zones. Where children are at the yellow zone we encourage them to problem solve with a partner or adult to help and support them to move down the scale to the blue feeling ok zone.


What can I do at home?


Some questions you could ask you child are:


“Can you show me where you are on the scale? Point at the face that shows me how you’re feeling today.”


“Would you like to share how you are feeling today on the scale?”


If your child states they are in the yellow zone or above you could say:


“Is there anything I can do to help?” (some might want a hug, or to talk or just by having told you how they feel is enough).


If you would like more information or advice on the five point scale please contact the Pastoral Team on