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Amazing Adventures

Happy Easter Elmer Class

This week has been very different & we have really missed seeing you all in nursery for the last week of term. I hope that you are enjoying your time at home & you've had the chance to do some lovely activities. This will be the last blog on this section for a while but after the Easter Holidays you will be able to find updates & activities on the new 'Home Learning' section on our class page. Keep practising the 'everyday activities' during the holidays & maybe you could draw or paint an Easter picture, create your own indoor treasure hunt(you could use eggs, your own pictures or whatever you have at home). You could make yourself a den under the table or in your bedroom..we know how much you all love  den building!


Happy Easter

Beanstalk progress 27.3.20

Home Learning for Elmer class

Hello to all my wonderful nursery children!

Elmer class will not be the same tomorrow without your smiling faces but it makes me very happy to know that you are all at home safe with your families.

Here are a couple of websites where parents can find suitable materials/ activities for nursery age children to keep you all busy. There are also some great games & activities on the websites you will already be familiar with such as Cbeebies.

I will be suggesting some books to read over the coming weeks (that we were going to read together in nursery) as well as some suitable activities.

Spring 2 week 5

  • Our 'Book(s) of the Week' this week(w.c.23.3.20) are : Choo Choo, Clickety Clack and Jack & the Beanstalk (there are read aloud versions on YouTube)
  • Sing nursery rhymes together as well as sharing stories.
  • Number: Help to set the table & count the cutlery, plates, cups etc
  • Shape of the week: Circle go on an indoor shape hunt & find as many as you can.
  • If you took your beanstalk home, water it, make sure it has light & watch it grow (use the language of size to measure/compare it to something e.g.your hand or a toy)
  • Practise holding a writing tool between your thumb & 2 fingers to: draw a picture of your favourite vehicle or invent your own!
  • Use Lego/blocks to build a vehicle (how many wheels will it need?)



Choo Choo, Clickety Clack!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk This is a great fairy tale that kids and children love to watch. Jack takes his family's cow and trades it for some "magic beans". Thi...

Everyday Activities

While you are at home there are some things you can do that will make a big difference when you start big school:

  • Can you put your own socks on?
  • Can you put your coat on? (don't forget to put your hood on first!)
  • Can you fasten the zip on your coat?
  • Can you put on your own shoes?

When you have mastered these set yourself time limits, see how fast you can do these things!

  • Be active: How many star jumps can you do in 30 seconds? How does your body feel afterwards? Tell a grown up
  • Copy some letters from your name using 2 fingers & a thumb to hold your writing tool

Planting beans

(Week 3)

At the end of last week we started talking about how things grow. Since then everyone has taken turns to do some planting, we each filled a pot with compost, added 3 beans, gave them a drink of water & put them in the sunlight. We have spent some time observing the changes to our plants.

World Book Day

(week 2)

We had a lovely day sharing stories & acting out scenes from our favourite books, as well as finding Wally!

The Three Little Pigs

(week 1)

This week we have been focusing on the story of The Three Little Pigs. We've read the story, acted out parts of it & attempted to build our own houses for the little pigs, out of straw, sticks & bricks. We've also started to think about the types of vehicles you might need to help build a house. We have been observing the construction vehicles coming up & down the road to help build our new school to give us some ideas.