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Autumn 1

Week 8

We have made it to the final week! Well done :) What a fabulous term we have had. 

We have been talking about the beginning, middle and end of our story. We have drawn so beautiful pictures and told our own stories to each other. We hope now The Little Princess can tell our story with no trouble!

In maths this week, we have been counting sequins onto starts to match the numeral. We wish everyone a Happy Diwali. 

This afternoon... we hit the jackpot! We had our second Class Wide Reward Party! We gained our final point this morning which caused great excitement. We had a fabulous time decorating crowns, as well as decorating biscuits. It was lots of fun smearing icing and sprinkling sprinkles on the top. We rushed off to the disco and came back just in time to eat them! We really enjoyed them.

For our class newsletter, go to the letters section of our class page. Go into Newsletters and it is called 'Autumn 2'. 


Wow Caterpillars! Can you believe you have been here for 8 weeks :) We are loving having you in our class and hope you have a lovely, but restful week off! 

See you soon. 


Miss Hill 

Week 7

This week has been fantastic. The Caterpillars have had so much fun learning and playing together. We have been busy helping The Little Princess remember our story. She keeps forgetting the words. We used our Talk for Writing technique to help her. We drew pictures in the correct order to help us remind us what comes next. We used our pictures to create actions. We can now recite the first 4 pages of our story from memory. 

In maths this week, we have made Shape Monsters. They are hanging up in the classroom and look fabulous. We looked at which shapes we used and counted how many of each. 

As well as all of this busy learning, we have had a fire drill, singing assembly, RWI, Tidy Up Teams, our own version of McDonald's appeared at the bottom of the garden, and a couple of discussions about whether boys and girls can play with the same toys.

A really busy week.


Thank you to all who attended parents evening this week. It was lovely to get to know you and talk about how fantastic your children are. 

Thank you for your support... one more week to go! 


Miss Hill  

Week 6- Forest School

Day 5

On Friday, we made pear muffins. Each group did a little bit towards making the muffins. Once they were ready, we went over to the other building to put them into the oven. In the afternoon we took them to the forest, had a final explore and then thoroughly enjoyed our delicious muffins. Everyone gave them a thumbs up… even Miss Hill and Mrs Wallis. They were so good… that we delivered one to Mrs Sian and Mr Wallis on our way home. We are all exhausted, but had loved our first week in the forest.

Day 4


On Thursday, we had the busiest day by far… We stayed in whilst photographs were being taken and made our delicious fruit salad with the fruit we collected yesterday. The Caterpillars were very good at chopping it up into small pieces that were big enough to eat! They used the knives with care and enjoyed mixing it all together. We loved having our fruit salad as our snack.

During our snack times in the forest, we have been putting our food scraps onto the compost heap. We collected all of the food scraps from our fruit salad and talked about what to do with them. This afternoon, we watched Peppa Pig learning about compost. We decided to make our own composters. We used plastic bottles, newspaper, leaves, soil, food scraps and water. We are excited to see what happens.

Day 3

On Wednesday, we found the fantastic Mr Butler in the forest. We could smell the smoke as we walked up the path. We had a great time toasting marshmallows. The children were extremely sensible, Mr Butler was very impressed with how well they listened to instructions. The marshmallows were delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Whilst our groups were toasting with Mr Butler, other children were looking at the trees on the hill. They spotted apples and pears and came up with lots of ideas of how to use them.

In the afternoon, the children happily the fruit ready to make a fruit salad. We are all very proud of the Caterpillars for another fantastic day in the forest.

Day 2

On Tuesday, we took part in a colour hunt. We talked about colours and which ones you would see in autumn. We worked in groups to collect autumnal colour items and stuck them to our clipboard. The Caterpillars worked very well together. In the afternoon, we made little houses. The children made houses for fairies, ladybirds, worms and little people. The children found lots of resources and worked out ways to build and stick their houses together. To finish our second day in the forest, we enjoyed some circle games all together. Let’s see what we get up to tomorrow…

Day 1

On Monday, the Caterpillars enjoyed exploring our new environment. We talked about how to stay safe in the forest. We played a game of ‘One, Two, Three. Where are you?’ This helped us to understand safe boundaries whilst in the forest. We loved having our snack and talking about the compost heap. In the afternoon, Mrs English helped us make leaf kebabs. We used our fine motor skills to push the leaves onto our twigs. A fabulous first day in the forest.

Week 5

This week we had a very exciting visitor. PC Amy came to visit us and brought her police car. The children were very lucky and got to sit in the car, try on some outfits and even listen to the siren. 

Thank you Amy for all of your envolvment with Walkley. We have loved getting to know you. 

The Caterpillars loves your visit. 

Week 4

We have had a very busy week in Caterpillars. We have received a letter from The Little Princess. She has been busy making puppets, but they keep breaking. She has asked for our help to make her some puppets so she could act out the story of our class book. We had a a delivery of lots of materials and have discussed how to use them. We are looking forward to making our puppets and hopefully performing a successful puppet show for The Little Princess.


This week, we have done P.E. The children were very good at getting changed and loved spending time being active in the hall. We are learning all about stopping, listening to adult instructions and being able to find our own space. To help us be able to spend more time in the hall, please encourage your child to get dress as independently as possible :) 

Thanks for a great week. 

From Miss Hill



Week 3

This week, we have really enjoyed getting to know each other more. We have had discussions about our families and why we are different. We have talked about the different people in our families and what makes them different. We have drawn lovely pictures in our Golden Writing Books. 


The Caterpillars are really beginning to understand life at Walkley Primary. 


Miss Hill

Week 1 & 2

We have had a great couple of weeks settling in to life as Caterpillars. We have spent lots of time getting to know each other, talking about how we are all different and getting to know our school rules. 

At Walkley... 

  • We keep our hands, feet and other objects to ourselves.
  • We follow adult instructions for the first time.
  • We are polite and friendly.
  • We use kind words and push ups. 

When these rules are followed by everyone, we have a really lovely time.

This week, we have made some beautiful self-portraits which are hanging up in the classroom. We talked about eyes, hair, and skin. We decided that no one is the same. 

We have also been looking at our reading books and beginning to make stories using the pictures. As we begin Read Write Inc in the next couple of weeks, children will be able to recognise some sounds. 


We are very proud of our Caterpillars for settling in so well. 

Well done


Miss Hill