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Autumn 1

Have  a look at the links below at our amazing African dancing! Can you remember any of the dance moves? What does the bounce step look like?

  We have finished our retelling of Anansi the Spider!  I have collated the stories into one Document. To read as an Ebook.  Please download and enjoy!


I have kept all the children's work anonymous and it will be marked and placed in the golden writing! We hope you enjoy reading our versions of the African folk story.

Anansi the Spider Golden Writing

Class Wide Reward Party!


Well done Anansi class, you completed 100 Class Wide Rewards! You voted and chose your own treat of a teddy bear and pyjama party! We had a great time in our pyjamas, reading stories to our teddies and introducing them to each other.

Which other teddy did you like? Did your teddy enjoy their trip to Anansi class?


Visit from PCSO Amy Lees


Today we had a very exciting visit from PCSO Amy Lees and her police car.  We had a really exciting time and even set the siren off!

The story of Anansi the Spider by the children of Walkley Primary School’s Anansi Class. (as told to Mr Murphy)



Anansi the spider went a long way from home. Anansi had 6 worried sons.  Anansi got lost.  Anansi got swallowed by a massive  fish. The first son See Trouble saw Anansi and said “Father is in Danger.”  Road Builder said “follow me!” and they all followed him to Anansi who was stuck in a fish. River Drinker had a big drink and slurped up all the water.  Game Skinner chopped up the fish and out popped Anansi the Spider.  A big falcon came and picked up Anansi and flew away.  Stone Thrower picked up a stone and threw it at the falcon.  The falcon dropped Anansi and he started to fall. Cushion came and caught Anansi on his big soft bottom.  Anansi was safe at last.  Anansi found a big globe of light which looked a bit like the moon.  Anansi gave it to Nyame who put it in the sky. The moon is still there now. It will be there forever.



Tree Hunt!


In science we have been going outdoors to be nature detectives. We have observed and measured the weather. This week we went on a Tree Hunt! We had to identify what type of tree it was by looking at the leaves and matching them to our detective sheet. Finally we collected leaves to match the trees that we spotted.

Which leaves did you find?

Can you remember what deciduous and coniferous means?

Are there any trees near your house, are they same or different to the ones we found?



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Blog week 4


This week we played at being in the Anansi the Spider story.

C says “We were being spiders and we were playing Anansi’s”

EC says “ We got 100 Class wide rewards and soon we will have our reward party”.

TM says “ We did all of the story and it was really fun to do the story”

RZ says “ We have been doing lots of exciting things like playing Anansi”

BA says “We have had lots of fun with Mr Murphy and Mrs Prochazka – Lawton and Miss Hargreaves”

Forest School!


We have had a fantastic start to Forest School today! We got changed into all of our forest school clothes and explored the area. We worked in pairs to make a 'leaf kebab' trying to find the most amount of different coloured leaves and different sizes. We shared our finished pieces and discussed what colours we had found and what this told us about the season. We enjoyed listening to the sounds we could hear in forest school too. Anansi children even spotted a squirrels and some robins.


What signs of Autumn can you see near your house?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

Fire and roasting marshmallows

Fire and roasting marshmallows 1
Fire and roasting marshmallows 2
Fire and roasting marshmallows 3
Fire and roasting marshmallows 4
Fire and roasting marshmallows 5
Fire and roasting marshmallows 6
Fire and roasting marshmallows 7
Fire and roasting marshmallows 8
Fire and roasting marshmallows 9
Fire and roasting marshmallows 10
Fire and roasting marshmallows 11
Fire and roasting marshmallows 12
Fire and roasting marshmallows 13
Fire and roasting marshmallows 14
Fire and roasting marshmallows 15
Fire and roasting marshmallows 16
Fire and roasting marshmallows 17
Fire and roasting marshmallows 18
Fire and roasting marshmallows 19
Fire and roasting marshmallows 20
Fire and roasting marshmallows 21
Fire and roasting marshmallows 22
Fire and roasting marshmallows 23
Fire and roasting marshmallows 24
Fire and roasting marshmallows 25
Fire and roasting marshmallows 26
Fire and roasting marshmallows 27
Fire and roasting marshmallows 28
Fire and roasting marshmallows 29
Fire and roasting marshmallows 30
Fire and roasting marshmallows 31
Fire and roasting marshmallows 32
Fire and roasting marshmallows 33
Fire and roasting marshmallows 34
Fire and roasting marshmallows 35
Fire and roasting marshmallows 36
Fire and roasting marshmallows 37

Week 3 : Forest School


Please bring spare clothes!

Week 2


Another great week with the Anansi Class.  (Pictures to follow sorry!)

We have been exploring the value of numbers to 20.  We learnt that 5 + 5 is always 10.  5 apples and 5 apples is always 10 apples. 5 teachers add 5 teachers is always 10 teachers.  and that Double 5 is 10.


We've been looking at 1 more than numbers too.  What's 1 more than 6?  1 more than 11?


We've started Read Write Inc. Our Children are amazing.  What group are you in?  You should have a Read Write Inc book to take home or some sounds.  You can read this book or your library book


We had a look at what is growing around our school too.  It feels a bit like summer but is it nearly Autumn? Or even Winter?


Finally we read Anansi the Spider, a fantastic story that came originally from Ghana. He has 6 sons who all help to rescue Anansi. We made Puppets and learnt the order of the story!




Anansi The Spider (1972)

In this traditional Ashanti tale, Anansi sets out on a long, difficult journey. Threatened by Fish and Falcon, he is saved by his sons!

Hunting for Apples


We had a sneaky go in our forest school and scrumped some apples and pears. We then washed them, cut them and chomped them.  They were mostly tasty although a few were a bit sour...

Fruit Hunting

Fruit Hunting 1
Fruit Hunting 2
Fruit Hunting 3
Fruit Hunting 4
Fruit Hunting 5
Fruit Hunting 6
Fruit Hunting 7
Fruit Hunting 8
Fruit Hunting 9
Fruit Hunting 10
Fruit Hunting 11
Fruit Hunting 12
Fruit Hunting 13
Fruit Hunting 14
Fruit Hunting 15
Fruit Hunting 16
Fruit Hunting 17
Fruit Hunting 18
Fruit Hunting 19
Fruit Hunting 20
Fruit Hunting 21
Fruit Hunting 22
Fruit Hunting 23
Fruit Hunting 24
Fruit Hunting 25
Fruit Hunting 26
Fruit Hunting 27
Fruit Hunting 28
Fruit Hunting 29
Fruit Hunting 30
Fruit Hunting 31
Fruit Hunting 32
Fruit Hunting 33
Fruit Hunting 34
Fruit Hunting 35
Fruit Hunting 36
Fruit Hunting 37
Fruit Hunting 38
Fruit Hunting 39
Fruit Hunting 40
Fruit Hunting 41
Fruit Hunting 42
Fruit Hunting 43
Fruit Hunting 44
Fruit Hunting 45
Fruit Hunting 46
Fruit Hunting 47
Fruit Hunting 48
Fruit Hunting 49
Fruit Hunting 50
Fruit Hunting 51
Fruit Hunting 52
Fruit Hunting 53
Fruit Hunting 54
Fruit Hunting 55
Fruit Hunting 56
Fruit Hunting 57
Fruit Hunting 58
Fruit Hunting 59
Fruit Hunting 60
Fruit Hunting 61

Apples & Bananas | Super Simple Songs

We also learnt a new song!

Week ONE

Pictures from our classroom

Pictures from our classroom 1
Pictures from our classroom 2
Pictures from our classroom 3
Pictures from our classroom 4
Pictures from our classroom 5
Pictures from our classroom 6
Pictures from our classroom 7
Pictures from our classroom 8

We have learnt a new song this week!

We hope you love it...

Down By The Bay | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Down By The Bay is a super fun, and super silly, song for kids.

Hello everyone.  It has been our first week in Anansi Class.

We have done so much already.


LM says "I liked singing down by the bay with my class"


CD says "My fav ourite thing about school was with Mrs Prochazka Lawton on my first day. I like Mr Murphy too"


HG "I liked my first day of Year 1"


KC " I've had lots of fun with my friends"


TM" I like playing with my friends and it has been nice to meet up with the Giants too"


Our Golden Citizen IB says "I loved my first day, second day, third day and fourth day of Y1"

Hello everyone from Anansi Class