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Autumn 1

Autumn 1 Week 8


Have a go at these spooky spelling and Maths games!


It's been a fun last week of term for Stormwhales, with forest school and a class wide reward party!

Making dreamcatchers in the forest school

Autumn 1 Week 7


Here are some fun Maths games to play! At the end you can write your name in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs!

On Thursday we spent the afternoon in the forest, rehearsing then performing our Gruffawhale show for EYFS and Year 1!

Autumn 1 Week 6
This week in PE we've been putting all our African dance skills together to make a dance sequence with a partner. 

In Maths the children have learnt a new method for adding two 2-digit numbers, called partitioning. We've started off using equipment to show the process and will move on to the written method next week. Have a look at this quick video to see how its done. (We also used Numicon and place value counters along with the diene sticks used in this video.)


Finally, we launched our exciting new theme 'Land Ahoy' this week and we've been doing lots of learning around the continents and oceans. Here are some fun songs to help continue with this learning!

Autumn 1 Week 5


Here are some photos from our exciting visit from a police officer. The children got to dress up, go into a police car and hear the siren!

Miss Robinson's Maths group have been doing some brilliant work on one more/one less this week

Here are some photos from our very first recorder lesson on Friday!

Autumn 1 Week 4


Here is a fantastic basketball place value game to test your maths skills!


The Y2s have been involved in a lot of talk for writing this week for our wanted posters. We have been on a Gruffalo safari and then imagined we were a police officer warning the public about this menacing and dangerous creature!!

Autumn 1 Week 3


In Science this term we're focusing on habitats, so this week we went for a walk around the school grounds to look for micro-habitats and signs of animals living there. Thanks to the children for their excellent photography skills!

Well done to the children for reaching 100 so quickly on their reward chart! Here are some photos of our fantastic slime party!

Autumn 1 Week 1


Well done to all Y2s for a great start to the new school year! The children have quickly settled in to their new class and routines and have been showing fantastic learning zone behaviour. 


Last week we had lots of fun getting to know our class storybooks. This involved making Gruffalo and Stormwhale masks and designing a puppet of a character from one of the books. The children have also started their new PE topic, 'African Dance.' See below for photos of these fun activities.