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Autumn 1

Linking to the World War 1 topic, the children have been learning about Zeppelin raids. We learnt how the zeppelin raids caused untold damage to buildings, as well as loss of life. Using all our knowledge, we created an informative leaflet to alert and inform members of the public about actions they need to take during Zeppelin raids.

The Kensukes worked on creating a blended background using watercolours. We mixed the exact colours we wanted, adjusted the water level to change the shade of paint and blended them all together. We then created a WW1 themed silhouette to stick on top - I think you will agree the results are very dramatic!

The Kenukes have been learning about The Christmas Truce during World War 1. We created freeze frames today to retell the main events.

We then used our drama to write a short narrative focussing on a few key events in the Christmas Truce. Once again, The Kensukes produced some fabulous writing! Here are some examples to share with you.

The Kensukes have been learning about fossils! As a class, we re-capped the different ways which fossils can be made. We then discussed how fossils can tell us about evolution by showing us the different ways ancestors of a species has adapted throughout time. Finally, we examined a fossil in detail and sketched it, thinking carefully abut what it might tell us about evolution. The results were simply stunning!

We have been learning about the WW1 artist Paul Nash. We spent time developing our ideas in our sketch books using elements from the work of Paul Nash. We then used this to create our own interpretations of No Man's Land in the style of Paul Nash. We are using water colours to create the mood. Here is some of our work in progress.

Thanks to Miss. Edge for sewing our beautiful Golden Citizen's cushion! As you can see, it features a wave as is pictured on the front cover of Kensuke's Kingdom. I wish I had your skills Miss. Edge!

Dazzle Dance is back!!!!! Thanks Amy, we had a fantastic end to our busy week dancing on the play ground. We all loved it!

Fantastic writing examples from a very hard working class. Keep it up Kensukes!

Welcome back Kensukes!

We've had a lovely day welcoming back all the Kensuke children into school today. It has been so nice chatting with you all and seeing your happy smiling faces again. We are so proud of you all for settling straight back in to the school routines. What a fab year we're going to have. We're looking forward to sharing some of your brilliant work here soon so keep checking for updates!

Mrs. Leverton, Mrs. Hall and Miss. Edge

Art work based on The Great Wave by Hokusai. The Kensuke children have worked very hard to produce some fabulous artwork!