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Autumn 1

Prototype Clay Pots


As part of our exploration of ancient Rome, we have been introduced to a Roman merchant who would like to sell items inspired by another Mediterranean culture: the ancient Greeks.


This week, we have drawn out our designs and made some prototypes using Roman terracota clay. After half-term, we will shape and paint our final products.

Science - States of Matter

We've been learning about solids, liquids and gases in Charlies this term.  We've sorted items into categories, planned investigations, made observations and recorded our results.  Here you can see some excellent scientists at work! 

We also looked at the head of the sunflower we grew in class last year in our plants topic - it was fascinating! 

Charlies Samba Band


With the help of our music teacher from Sheffield Music Hub, we've been learning all about keeping the beat and playing as a group in our percussion lessons.

Atlas Skills


In Geography, we developed an understanding of how to use an atlas to gain a better understanding of how Italy and the UK were similar to, and different from, each other.

Roman Mosaics


We have looked at how the Romans decorated their homes and bathouses with elaborate mosaics, and have had a go at making our own!



We've been mini-Olympians in PE this half-term, as we have been covering athletics. We've been doing a combination of dexterity training and running races. It's been a lot of fun!

Welcome back!


We had a great start to the new school year on Thursday and Friday. The children were all very settled and were definitely excited by the changes to lunchtimes!