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Autumn 1

Welcome to Caterpillars 

The Blog will be updated every week with what we have been doing in class. We hope you enjoy looking at this together with your child, but also sharing with family far and wide. 

All About Us

Week 8

We have had a lovely final week together. We had learnt so much over the last 8 week and have really enjoyed every day as a class. 

This week, we have looked at both class stories and learnt more about The Mixed Up Chameleon story from the other reception class. We used our new knowledge for a music lesson. We tapped out some different rhythms on maracas, claves and shakers. Watch our video to find out more. 



Still image for this video

We loved our second Class Wide Reward Party. The Caterpillars really enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas. We had such great Friday Fun. We did our disco, Golden Book, fish fingers, Dazzle Dance and watched a movie, all in our pyjamas. 

Have a lovely half term holiday Caterpillars! You have all worked so hard over the last 8 weeks. Have lots of fun and rest and we will see you in a week. 


Miss Hill

Week 7

We have had a great time this week looking at our Caterpillar book. We have practised our first Talk for Writing. This is when we learn actions for each word to help us remember it. We had lots of fun thinking of the actions as a class. Enjoy the video :) 

Talk for Writing

Still image for this video

We have taken part in our first school election. We went to meet Mr St nemelc and he talked us through how to make our vote for an Infant Class Rep. We look forward to meeting the successful candidate soon. 

We took a trip to visit Tennyson Ted, who has returned to school after being on the bear trail over the summer holiday. It is lovely to have him home. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

See you on Monday for our last week of this half term! 


Miss Hill

Week 6

I hope you had a lovely long weekend with your families. It was great to have the children back on Wednesday.

Even though it was only 3 days, we were still very busy. We started our shape and went on a shape hunt, played a staff who's who game, danced in the studio and did lots of sorting and matching objects in maths. 

Have a lovely weekend 


Miss Hill 



Week 5

This week, we have had another fantastic week. We had continued with our conversations about our families. We talked about who was in our family and drew some fabulous pictures of them. Have a look at these amazing pieces of art! 



Week 4 

This week has been a busy one! We have carried on making our faces and adding the features of our faces. We looked carefully at the colour of our eyes and hair and have added them to our paper plate self portraits. They are fantastic! 

We had an amazing first Class Wide Reward party. We decided on a list of ideas back in week 1 and decided this time, we would have a Party Games Party! 

We played musical statues and musical chairs. We had lots of fun dancing and enjoying our first party together. We can't wait for the next one. 

This week, we had our first trip to the dance studio! We met Dazzle Dance Amy and she taught us some fabulous dances. We went in a small group of 15 so we had lots of space to move around in. She taught us how to move like different animals and we copied her dance to Gummy Bear. 

It was fantastic and we couldn't stop smiling. We can't wait for next week! 

Well done Caterpillars. Another lovely week together. You are getting very good at knowing our classroom routines and school rules. It is going to be a brilliant year together! 


Miss Hill

Week 3

We had a lovely week talking about ourselves. We are enjoying finding out more about each other. To do this, we read a book called 'We Are All Different'. It has lots of pages for discussion. We talked about our families, our faces, our hair, our skin, our pets and our likes and dislikes.

We looked in a mirror and talked about our skin. We painted a plate the same colour as our skin and will make it into a face once it has dried. 

We went and explored the Trim Trail. Mrs Bracken and I were very impressed with your climbing skills. You must have been to lots of parks and outdoor places with your families. We learnt how to stay safe and the right way to use it. We are looking forward to going back again soon. 

Thank you for a great week everyone! 

Have a lovely weekend 


Miss Hill 

Our First 2 Weeks

We have had a fantastic first 2 weeks in Caterpillars. We have loved meeting you all and getting to know you. We have spent lots of time getting to know each other.  The beginning of Reception is always very exciting, learning LOTS of new things! Mrs Bracken, Mrs English and I are so impressed with how settled the Caterpillars are already.

We have played lots of games to help us learn each others names. The Caterpillars have explored our new classroom and outside area. It has been great to see the Chameleons outside and play all together. 

The Caterpillars have been great at following our 4 school rules and are well on their way to our first Class Wide Reward Party! 



We have loved going to the hall for our lunch! We have been great at trying new foods, remembering to use our knife and fork and being independent. We are very impressed. 


We have had lots of circle times talking about our new school and learnt lots of our daily routines. We are really enjoying snack time and chatting to lots of new people whilst their snack at the same table. The Caterpillars have been very busy making cups of teas and birthday cakes in the Home Corner. The glittery playdough has been a huge hit and we are loving all of the skills being developed there. We seem to be a class of jigsaw lovers and have completed them all many times. 

We loved our Friday Disco!

We were very welcome at Golden Book assembly. We loved hearing about this weeks Golden Citizen, Behaviour Superstar and Whizzy Worker. 

We have been so busy and have learnt lots already. 

Well done Caterpillars. What a fantastic start to school. 


Miss Hill