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Autumn 1



We've had a fantastic first week in our new Hiccups class getting to know each other and our new routines. All members of staff have been blown away by the maturity of all pupils as they've settled straight into being perfect role models for the rest of the school in UKS2.


We have started reading our class book 'How to Train Your Dragon' where we've been able to analyse in detail the main character Hiccup, along with delving a little deeper into other characters such as Snoutlout, Stoick the Vast and Fishlegs. The How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell is one book from a series of 12. So, if you've enjoyed reading this book in school perhaps you could explore the other books in the series. You might want to even listen to the author Cressida Cowell read the books herself by clicking HERE.


Here are the Y5 Hiccups creating some freeze frames from the first few chapters of the book. Can you guess which character they are? What point of the story do you think it is?

(Some facial expressions in these photos really did make myself and Miss Green laugh!)




Also, we have a winner for the classroom door illustration. With such an artistic class, it was very difficult to choose one.

However, the person chosen to have their illustration on our classroom door is ..............................................ID. Well done!!

Week 3

This week we've been lucky enough to explore and investigate Tudor artefacts from Western Park Museum. We had lots of discussion about what the objects were, what they were used for and what they were made out of. We also sketched some of them before we found out what they really were. Can you remember some information about the artefacts?

Week 4


This week in Hiccup's, the children have been acting out a short text on the battle of Bosworth Field. In one afternoon, the class were able to retell the text using actions and create a story map with pictures , symbols and key words. This will lead on to a newspaper article on the battle of Bosworth. I think you will agree, they have done an amazing job with the acting!

Dramatic retelling of battle of Bosworth Field

Week 5

This week, in our History lessons we've been learning about Henry VIII. To start our lesson we had to guess which portrait was Henry VIII based on our previous knowledge of the man. We then looked at a range of portraits of Henry throughout his life. Although they were all of one man we noticed how different they were depending on when the portrait was painted, who painted it and the influence Henry had on his own image. As a class, we put our teamwork skills to the test to create a collage of one of Henry VIII's most famous paintings. Keep an eye out for this in our Tudor museum!

Week 6

In our history, literacy and guided reading lessons we've continued to look in more detail at Henry VIII's life. 

We've started gathering information for a biography and even had a go at drawing portairts. 


Digital Henry VIII

Using iPads and the Brushes Redux app we made layers to create a digital portrait and King Henry VIII.

Week 7

Manor Lodge

Our Y5's were lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience some local history while visiting Manor Lodge. Throughout the day, we explored the grounds, met Bess of Hardwick, learnt all about Tudor medicine and clothing and even got to complete some inventories with quill and ink pen. All children made Walkley proud with their outstanding behaviour showing amazing engagement and asking inquisitive questions! Well Done Year 5.