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Autumn 1

Autumn 1 week 8

This week the children have been learning about harvest festivals. They really enjoyed learning about the process of harvesting food and they made their own fabulous harvest offerings out of plasticine.

Autumn 1 week 6


The children have been doing some great independent learning in their choosing time, while groups have been working on planning a party invitation in their creative curriculum work.

In PE we have been practicing ball skills using basket balls. The children have been working on rolling and catching, then bouncing and catching.

In Maths this week we have been looking at ordinal numbers - first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth. The children made and described towers using this language.

Autumn 1 week 5



We finished off the week using the leaves collected from forest school to make autumn coloured prints. We had a lot of fun, it got very messy!

In forest school the children have been learning about the seasons and going on an autumn hunt, where they looked for signs of autumn

We also used our senses to explore the forest. The children found and described many natural objects and were absolutely amazing at using their sense of hearing. We all sat absolutely still for about 2 minutes and the children were able to describe the many sounds they heard. Lastly we collected a range of leaves and sorted them according the the children's ideas: type, size, colour and shape.

Autumn 1 week 4

In PE this week we played a few games and finished off with a relay. The children had to carry a beanbag in between their knees and on their head before dropping it in a hoop.

We've had a great time at our class wide reward party today - the children had a teddy bears picnic, then we stayed outside while they played with some construction, dinosaurs and the sand.

We have been playing a few reading and spelling games in class which the children have enjoyed. Some have asked for them to be put on the blog, so here they are if you feel like playing them at home: (start with Level 1)

Autumn 1 week 3


This week we've been playing games in PE. Ask your child about crocodiles and bridges, four corners and the number game. The children have also been exploring moving in different ways and practising throwing and catching with a beanbag.

In Maths we've been doing lots of counting forwards and backwards, and finding one more.

Autumn 1 Week 2


The children have settled in brilliantly to Year 1 and have already impressed us with their excellent behaviour and many talents. Please have a look through the pictures below to find out what we have been up to. 

This week the children have been exploring their new classroom and making use of the provision such as sand, the creative area, a post office role play and the reading corner, We have also been making characters from the story using a range of materials.

In Maths we've been doing lots of counting and representing amounts of objects as counters. The children have started working in their brand new Maths books.