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Autumn 1

Week 1


Hi everybody,


We have had a good and exciting 2 days. We have made birthday cards for each other, designed puppets, made drawer labels, read books, counted in 2s, had lunch in the hall and made a 100 class reward chart!


Best wishes,

from the Gruffalo class!

The children have already impressed myself and Miss Edge with their place value skills. Here is a great maths game where you need to shoot basketballs and identify lots of numbers!


Please click on this link:

The Gruffalos did a great job building numbers using base ten and numicon. Bravo Y2 mathematicans!

Gruffalo song

In class we have started to learn this song for our Gruffalo show planned at the end of term. Please have a practise at home with your own actions!

Here are some more photos of the Gruffalos working well in partners to build numbers. Many children also had a go at drawing and writing numbers too!

Week 2

Well done Y2s for all your excellent reading at home. Please keep it up and try and get a bronze prize after reading 10 times in your reading record!

Well done to the Gruffalos for their puppet making skills! After drawing designs, choosing materials and making parts we are close to finishing.

Week 3

All the children have been given their TT rockstar logins and passwords. On the website there are great online games to play where you can test your 10 times tables (to start with) and "buy" items for your avatar!


Please login here!:

The children have enjoyed playing this game to sharpen their Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) skills. Please have a go at home!

Well done to the Gruffalos who had their classwide reward party on Friday. Great sharing and co-operation was on display!

Week 4


The Gruffalos have enjoyed playing this part, part, whole game in maths where we partition numbers. Please have a go at home!

The Gruffalos did a great job partitioning numbers using the part, part, whole method. Well done to all!

The Y2s have done so well with our "free flow" breaks and lunch times where they have the opportunity to explore the grounds of the school and play with other year groups. Yesterday we all saw a beautiful rainbow!

Here are the Gruffalos in action tackling more place value tasks using greater than, less than and equals symbols. Remember the greedy crocodile aims towards the larger number!

The Y2s went on a "Gruffalo safari" with Captain Storm and discovered one having a snooze in a meadow. We noticed its enormous tusks, furry brown belly and poisonous wart. Back in class, we imagined we were police officers making a presentation to the public warning them about a gruffalo who has scared lots of woodland animals. Next week we plan to start to write a wanted poster about this fearsome beast and come up with a good reward if someone catches it!

The Gruffalos have been studying foxes in science. We have looked at their habitat and how they live in the wild. Great team work and technical language was on display such as the word "nocturnal". Please teach your adult what it means!

Habitats Song

Sing along to this great song which links to our science learning this term!

Finally, here are some more shots of the Gruffalos completing their puppets. After a rigorous design process of research, drawing designs, making the puppets and then finally testing and improving them, they are ready for our big production. Now we need to sort out our script, produce tickets for the Y1s, design posters, make items for the gift shop and know our roles for the Gruffalo show in early November.

Week 5

The Gruffalos had a blast learning recorders with Mrs Allenby from the Sheffield Music Hub on Wednesday. The children did a great job of following both the rhythm and the pulse of different songs.

Week 6

Today the Gruffalos learnt about and made religious symbols at forest school. Great teamwork was on show. Well done class!

Here are some great phonics games to play to test your RWI skills.

Here is a super game to help us add and subtract 10s to a number using grids.

In forest school we have been den making. The children worked in teams to either build a "lean to" or a "teepee" mini shelter for one of the Gruffalo characters (A penguin and cheetah sneaked in too!) Later, we spotted another Gruffalo sneaking in the woods and described it with super adjectives such as "powerful", "vicious" and "clumsy".

Well done to the Gruffalos for another well earned 100 classwide rewards. We voted for an art party with party clothes. We enjoyed water colours, dominos, top trumps, jenga, sharpie pens and lego!

Week 7

In computing today the Gruffalos created puppet shows using an app called Puppet Pals. We manipulated images and recorded our voices while we made stories inspired by the Gruffalo. Well done all!

Here is a fun number bonds game. Please go on the game and choose the number bond option.

Well done class for completing your final drafts of a "Gruffalo Wanted poster". The children have done such a good job planning, writing, editing and publishing their work. Here are a few examples:

Here is a fun game to test your noun knowledge!

Congratulatons to Jemima and L'Kai for being voted as our School Council Representatives!

Gruffalo star group writers have each produced a booklet on Polar Bears. Please have look at these brilliantly researched and written information texts.

The gruffalos were off shopping at a very reasonable Gruffalo and Giants gift store. The children used maths manipulatives such as numicon and base ten to add two prices together to find the total amount. They also drew their working out in their books to check their answer. Great work class!

This term in PE we have been doing team games such as a variety of relays using balls, cones, bean bags and lots of running. Great support and communication was developed and on display.

The Gruffalos finished off their week with the ipads by having a lesson in photography. Please tell your adults all about editing, cropping and using filters!