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Autumn 1

Week 7

We have been so lucky in Autumn 1 to have some lovely weather. Our PE this term has been outdoors and dry! That has meant that the Giants began the school year learning how to play football rounders.

This game is a team affair where communication is key. It is set up just like rounders with posts around the field that the kicker needs to run outside. The main difference is that the kicker MUST run all the way round. The fielding team retrieves the ball and then stands in a line and must roll the ball through their legs to the end. If they do this before the kicker makes it all the way round, the kicker is out. If the kicker gets round first, then their team scores a point.

The level of teamwork needed for the fielding team is huge! Not only do they need to sort out their fielding positions to avoid the kicker getting the ball past them, but they also need to get into a line successfully in order to roll the ball through ALL their legs.

This has taken all term to perfect. This term the children have had to work as a member of a team, use a range of simple tactics, be aware of opponents and team members throughout the game and of course, how to win and lose.


First we practise how to get into a line and roll the ball through everyone's legs.

Then came the match. The children absolutely love this game. This particular week we had a draw..10-10.

Here is a fun number bonds game. Please go on the game and choose the number bond option.



Here is a fun SPaG game to test your noun knowledge!

Well done to the Giants for being so sensible during the School Council elections where we listened to speeches and then voted carefully.

Week 6

This week in forest school we have been learning about being part of a community and how religion is a good example of this. We have also learned about the religious symbols used and the children have used materials in forest school to make them.


On our last day in Forest school, we decided to put our knowledge of habitats to the test. The children were tasked with creating a shelter for a small creature (2 unifix blocks). We discussed using 2 possible methods. A lean-to against something or making an 'A-frame' which will support itself. The children then talked about creating extra amenities for our friends such as bedrooms, kitchens and even swimming pools! Follow the stages of each pair as they planned, built and revised their shelters according to their progress.

An A-frame approach with leaves used as protection from the weather.

Sometimes, after revising your plans again and again, you end up where you began!

A classic lean-to with good weather protection.

A mixture of building materials used here.

An out of the way shelter for extra protection from the elements.

Go big or go home!

A real engineering project!

This shelter was weather tested by being sat on and trodden on. It was solid as a rock!

Great protection from the elements!

Big enough for the designers!

This shelter had multiple rooms and a swimming pool!

A summer only shelter...

A classic lean-to...eventually upgraded with a pool!

A work in progress...

Great teamwork guys!

Week 5

The year 2s have been commissioned by the authorities to help find a group of animals that have been roaming a nearby town. It’s been reported that a giraffe, a goat, a mouse, a fox, a dog and even a strangely dressed giant have been spotted in the local area. An experienced tracker took the year 2s into forest school in order to locate these wayward creatures.

They used all of their formidable camouflage skills to avoid detection and make their way to the forest. Their task was to describe the animals they saw so that they can eventually write a wanted poster. The children ended the day by taking on the role of a police office informing the townsfolk of the roaming animals by describing them.

Week 4

Music Lessons

Sheffield music hub have returned to our school in order to deliver face-to-face music lessons. This term the year 2s have started taking recorder lessons.

As well as using their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs, the year 2s have been learning to play instruments musically. The lessons have combined learning the technical aspects of pulse and rhythm, how to hold a recorder correctly and how to play their first note expressively along to music. It has been so much fun!

Week 3

Science - Habitats

This term's topic is "Living things and their habitat".

If you would like to more about our science curriculum, you can access our Science organisers on our website here:


We are so lucky to have our forest school in order to get a hands on look at minibeast environments. The children used tally charts in order to find out the most common creature.

TT Rockstars

All the children have been given their TT rockstar logins and passwords. On the website there are great online games to play where you can test your 10 times tables (to start with) and "buy" items for your avatar!


Please login here!:

The Reading Race

Well done Year 2s for all of your excellent reading at home. Some of you have already earned your bronze prize for 10 reads! 

The children have enjoyed playing this game to sharpen their Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) skills. Please have a go at home!

Week 2

Creative Curriculum

Class book - The Smartest Giant in Town

The children were tasked with making characters or scenes from our class book out of Lego.

Playing with LEGO® individually and in a small group can benefit children in so many incredible ways; next time your child is busy playing, have a think of all the amazing things below that they are learning, each time they engage with LEGO®!

1. Teamwork and Social Skills

2. Communication and Language skills

3. Problem solving, Mathematics and Spatial Awareness

4. Creativity and Experimentation

5. Physical Development

6. Perseverance and Management of Frustrations

7. Self-Confidence

8. Lowering Anxiety and Stress

9. Patience

10. Focus and Concentration

PE in The Smartest Giants

PE is on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons in the Giants timetable. Please ensure your child comes in their PE kit as we won't be getting changed in class. As long as the weather holds we will try to have PE outside as much as possible. As the temperature drops over the year, it would be a good idea to provide your child with a long sleeve top/jacket on PE days. Thanks for your cooperation.

Week 1

Hi everybody,


We have had a good and exciting week. We have made birthday cards for each other, started learning about collage, made coat pegs, read books, counted in 2s, had lunch in the hall and made a 100 class reward chart!


Best wishes,

from the Giants class!