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Autumn 1

We have sketched some images that we associate with peace. We are going to photograph these and combine them with text using Keynote on our IPads to create our own anti-war posters.

... and here are a couple of completed designs. Wow, well done Kensukes!

Today, we have been using the coding programme Scratch to create animations. We first worked out how to change our sprite and add different backgrounds. Then we made them move in different ways, culminating in a dance party! We had lots of fun and learnt a lot of new coding skills!

Today, we have been back in the dance studio dancing with Dazzle Dance Amy Burton. We are working on choreographing a dance using dance styles that were popular at the time of World War 1. We are really proud of our dance so far.

Today, we have used the google chrome books to present our School Council speeches. We are becoming whizzy typers!

We have been studying Paul Nash - a famous war artist. We looked at how he portrayed life in World War 1 and the features represented in his interpretations of no mans land. We also looked at how he used colour to convey a mood.

Here are some of our sketches and interpretations of no mans land.

As part of our topic on Evolution, the children have been learning about how inherited characteristics are passed on to their offspring. We then analysed how this characteristics help the animals who are perfectly adapted to their environment.

The Kensukes have been getting straight into our World War 1 topic by creating artwork which explores camouflage patterns. First, we created a self-portrait, learning about correct facial proportions and how to use a pencil to help measure our proportions correctly. We then created a camouflage pattern and layered out portrait on top - I think you will agree that the results are absolutely stunning!