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Autumn 1

WW2 Era Dancing


Y6 have been working with Amy Burton from Dazzle Dance this half-term to recreate some dance moves that were popular in the 1930s and 40s. Have a look below:

Aut 1 Y6WH Dance 02

Uploaded by WPS Video on 2022-10-20.

Y5/6 Tag Rugby Competition


A small group of Y6s (and a very well-behaved Y5) went up to Forge Valley to participate in a Tag Rugby competition. The children built up confidence as the tournament went on and we even managed to score several tries! Well done team!

Why was the First World War worse than any other war that came before?


In Year 6, we have been looking at the First World War. We have discussed the events that led up to war and have analysed letters from the front to interpret what life was like for soldiers during the war. In this session, children compared how technology had been used in wars during the latter half of the 19th Century with how it had developed by the start of WWI. They then identified a change in technology that they felt had contributed to WWI being so different to previous wars and explained their reasoning.

War Horse


We've spent much of our first two weeks of Year 6 responding to our class book: Michael Morpurgo's War Horse.


We have responded through discussion, Guided Reading and Literacy tasks. Children have even shown off their artisic sides by producing representations of Joey using watercolours.


You can listen to BBC School Radio's performance of War Horse here. Don't spoil the ending before we read it though!