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Autumn 1

What a great first week full of getting settled into their new class! It was full of the Charlies impressing the adults with their place value knowledge!

What an end to a great first week! Thurston became the golden citizen! King Thurston! As well, Brin was awarded the whizzy worker and Ida for being a behaviour superstar!!

7th October 2022 - We investigated how water changed state to a solid, liquid and gas with Mrs Leverton.

Drumming lessons are well underway! Every Monday afternoon the children have a fabulous music lesson! Here, the children had a chance to play the sudo drums, go go bells, shakers and tambourins!

ROMAN DAY!! The Year 4s had a fantastic day learning even more all about the Romans!! They re-enacted a battle scene between the Romans (romans had silver shields and helmets) and the Britons (Britons had bronze shields). After that, the Charlies became archaeologists and dug up some fascinating items from the Romans period and other times in history. In the afternoon, the children found out more about the Roman army and then played traditional Roman board games! All in all an amazing day!! The Charlies were all super!!