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Autumn 1

Autumn 1 weeks 3 & 4

The children have worked so hard over the last few weeks and earned 100 class wide reward points. For their reward they chose to have a 'library party'. They took up the cuddly toys from the classroom and enjoyed looking at the books with them.

In PE we've been practising different running techniques; jogging, running and sprinting; using our arms to help us go faster

Autumn 1 weeks 1 & 2


The children have done a fantastic job of adjusting to Year 1 and are really settling in well. It's a big jump from Reception and they are understandably tired but they are really trying their best and getting along with each other. Here is some lovely art work they created, around our Class Book, the Jolly Postman.

This week we had our first RE lesson, in which the children explored the concept of creation by creating something. Here they are with their creations, which they were very proud of.

In art this week we practised some drawing skills by creating different patterns with lines and shapes. The children focused so brilliantly and did an amazing job.