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Autumn 1

In PE this week we have been building on our jumping skills and trying to use skipping ropes for the first time! We were very resilient and persevered with holding the ropes correctly and jumping, well done everyone! Can you have a practise at home?

Week 4

Now we know how to use the ipads, we have been experimenting on how to change colours, brushes and brush sizes. Do you like our animals?

Voting for the Year 6 Council

In maths this week we have been talking about and finding amounts which are 'fewer', 'more' or 'equal' to other amounts. Can you show this with abjects at home?

Week 3

Anansi in the Forest School. After dodging a few super rainy days we had a few really lovely days in our Forest School. We mostly did some nature hunting, worm touching, stick counting and map reading. What a lovely time!

Week 2



We have been exploring what "science" is how we can study it in school.  This year we will explore Humans and Animals, Materials, Plants and also observe and interact with the 4 seasons.  We had a little taster this week to explore what we might be learning about.





In computing we have been using the free Charcoal App on our school iPads.  It's important to use the iPads safely, and we always work in pairs in Key Stage 1.  We have working out how to make our brushes bigger and smaller, and learning how to change colour.  Eventually we will try and draw a picture of Anansi using Charcoal.  (Photos to follow!)

Week 1

Look at our lovely Anansi self portrait display!

Welcome to Year one Anansi class! We have had a fantastic first week together! We have practised counting, been reading the Anansi story, practising jumping in PE and looking at the Colour Monster in art. Here is a selection of things we created during our RE lesson aobout 'Creation'. How did you feel about your creation?