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Autumn 1

So, Autumn 1 is well underway and the Skywalkers are showing a hugely postive attitude to school life. Zack is our first Golden Citizen of the year - a well-deserved award.

This week's homework is available on the blog. Please return it by next Thursday.

The next 7 weeks are going to be a tornado of learning and we are looking forward to helping you to mature and grow this term and throughout the year.


Thank you to all of the amazing Skywalkers who have volunteered to help teach games to the Key Stage 1 children at lunchtime - this is a really generous gesture that will be massively appreciated by children and adults over in Burnaby Building. Mrs. Jinkinson will be organising training for you, so listen out for when and where this will take place.


Extra thanks, too, for volunteering to help out early on a Friday morning on the Real Junk Food Project's Apple Orchard Market stall. Again, training will be provided.

Awards, Friday 14th September 2018

Congratulations to Ethan (Golden Citizen), Lacie (Whizzy Worker) and Daniel (Behaviour Superstar) - worthy winners of our awards on Friday. Well done, and keep it up!

Yoga, yoga, yoga!

This afternoon we were lucky to be able to take a sample yoga session, which was great fun!

If you are keen to continue, our Yoga Club begins next Tuesday morning. Contact the office for booking details.

An amazing trip to Welbilt UK, Ecclesfield.

Today we were treated to a tour of a high-tech factory that makes amazing ovens (pizza in 2 minutes, anyone?) and were expertly tutored in the arts of coated-apple making, cupcake decorating and pumpkin carving.

We were also presented with freshly-baked crispy pizza with a range of toppings, fresh raw vegatbles and fresh fruit. Tasty!

Thanks to our hosts at Welbilt UK for a very special day out that we will remember for a long time.

Robot welders, laser cutters and pizzas.