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Autumn 1

Welcome back! 


The Charlies have come to school happy, settled and eager to learn! The grown ups in class are very proud of them! 

English- the children have been reading their class book as well as thinking about impressive adjectives used to describe the chocolate! Then they will write a persuasive advertisement about a Willy Wonka chocolate bar!

ENGLISH- The Charlies examined a variety of advertisements and annotated the key persuasive techniques that they used. The children spotted: alliteration, rhetorical questions, repetition and many more! They also made note of the pictures and images.

PE- The Charlies first hockey lesson! They worked on the push pass as well as controlling the ball with their stick. Great job everyone!

ENGLISH- the Charlies analysed persuasive advertisements looking at the key language and key techniques used.

RE- The Charlies thought about the enquiry question: "What would you do with £1 million?" The children wrote their ideas down and then grouped and categorised ideas. After that, as a class we discussed the most important ideas at the top and the less important ideas towards the bottom.

HISTORY- the Charlies have worked together to create a lovely fact file all about the Roman life! Well done!

English- The Charlies have started a new topic and are going to write their own character description about Willy Wonka!

Congratulations to Lewis! 

He is the swimmer of the week! 

Count by 6s

ENGLISH- the Charlies analaysed character descriptions in pairs! They did a fantastic job at labeling rhetorical questions, adjectives and similes! As well as labelling the different paragraphs!

Congratulations to Grace who is our swimmer of the week!

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Forest school! Here are the year 4s creating drawings from the story of the Buddha! As well, the year 4s are acting out parts of the 8 fold path in Buddhism. Some children are showing "right action", "right understanding" and "right speech".

PE- Here are the Charlies demonstrating excellent dribbling, passing and scoring skills!

FOREST SCHOOL- The Charlies created their own maps of Roman towns! They included the barracks, the baths, temples, houses and theatres! As well can you see their walls?

ART- the Charlies have demonstrated excellent drawing skills at being able to draw a face with correct proportions and excellent facial expressions! Well done!

MATHS- We are learning to count in 7s and our 7 times tables now!  


At home, please do TT Rockstars to further practise!

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