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Autumn 1

Life in the The Very Hungry Caterpillars

Starting School 

We have had a great start to our new year. We have learnt lots of new names and started making new friends. We have had a look around our new school and met some of Walkley Primary School's trusted adults. We are getting to know where things are in the classroom and learning lots of new routines. We have talked about our school rules and how we stay safe. We have started our Read Write Inc phonics and have learnt about mass and capacity in maths. 

Exploring our new classroom 

English- Phonics

We have started using the magnetic boards to make words using the magnetic letters and read them using Fred Talk. We have learnt about partner work and how to use 'my turn, your turn'


We have been subitising numbers 1-3. This is looking at a quantity and knowing how many there are without having to count them. We subitised fingers, dots and objects. 

We have been teaching a teddy how to count. We have used our counting wands and are working on using a 1:1 correspondence to say a number each time we count something. The number we stop on the it total.  

Understanding the World 

We have read the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and have enjoyed exploring the story through our time in Continuous Provision. We have made beds for Goldilocks using junk modelling, retold the story in the home corner and made spoonfuls of playdough!
We looked at items which we would use in the past and what we might use in the future. We would use a nappy, dummy and baby bath when we were small. When we grow up, we might use car keys, a diary or an iron. 

In RE the children have been learning about special people, including their family, friends and role models. We talked about the things that make each of us special and why we like our friends. In continuous provision some children made friendship bracelets for a special friend.

Physical Development 

We have loved starting our Dance lessons. Dazzle Dance Amy has taught us how to use the big mirror to see what she is doing so we can copy. We danced to Ballet Barn and loved moving like different animals. Over the next few weeks, we are excited to learning the routines to more songs. 

We are busy practising writing our names and using the correct tripod pen grip. 


We have read the story of The Colour Monster. We related it to our feelings and discussed how we were feeling at that time. We talking about the Walkley '5 point scale' and how we can show our emotions to others by using the scale.