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Autumn 1

In PE this term we have been learning some dance moves from different parts of the African continent. We have learnt the drum, back step, side step and slide moves. Check out these creative and skilled dancers!

The Gruffalo show final rehearsal! We practised our show and debated whether to perform it in the woods or our school stage. We decided on the deep, dark forest school!

Please try this fantastic spelling game to test your days of the week!

We had a great and wonderful time at forest school. We made special trails out of sticks and guided others along them. We estimated how long it would take to cook and eat marshmallows. Finally, we timed it in groups to see how close our estimations were. The record time was 2 minutes 35 seconds.They were delicious!

Preparations for our Gruffalo show are coming along nicely. Mrs Tavis has taught the children a Gruffalo song with instruments, masks have been made, puppets created and we are now rehearsing scenes from the story!

This time in forest school we were making arrays from the 2, 3 and 5 times table. We then used our dividing and shape knowledge to solve problems.Well done wild, woodland mathematicians!

In forest school we measured sticks to make the perfect magic wand. The Ministry of Magic told us they had to be no shorter than 15cm and no longer than 30cm!!! We then ordered our wands from smallest to largest so they are all ready for Diagon Alley!

This week we have been looking at doubling in maths. Please have a go at doubling 6 or 23 or 46 using the PIM method we use in CLIC. Also here is a great song!

The Gruffalos fulfilled their democratic duty to vote for our school council. Everyone considered their vote wisely and no ballots were spoilt!

Today we had a special visitor from Penguin books who challenged us to write the first chapter of a story inspired by the Gruffalo. We won't let you down Mr Tarquin Wellis-Brown!

The Gruffalos explored the woods to find living things. We then categorized things into living, never alive and once was alive. There were some interesting conversations about whether a piece of paper and a plastic bottle had once been alive!

Please have a look at these wonderful Gruffalo mask designs! Thank you Miss Travis

In computing we are making a personal profile. You could do another one at home if you like!

In star group we sequenced the Gruffalo story and retold the first part with adventurous vocabulary and extra details. Please check out these budding story tellers!

Today we were buying things from a shop. We found the cost of buying two items by using coins, 100 grids and our own methods. Bravo young mathematicians!

Please check out the Gruffalos in action by planning, performing and writing about "dragon hunting"!

Hello all to the Gruffalos! We have enjoyed a sensational week. Miss Wieczorek and I have been so impressed by the politeness, independence and creativity of the children. Please keep looking at our blog this year for news, fun activities and photos of the work we are doing.


Best wishes,


from Mr Malcolm