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Autumn 1

Well done to the Y2s for achieving another 100 classwide rewards! We celebrated in style by having our own Halloween party/disco. Have a super holiday everyone!

The gruffalos have been learning tying and weaving skills to make large dream catchers in forest school. Throughout this year we will attempt to master these skills. Please check out their wonderful creations!

The children did us all proud with two very accomplished performances of the Gruffawhale show! The nursery and y1 children were full of admiration for the singing, acting, puppet making, reading and the welcoming nature of the year 2 children. Bravo thespians!

Our community police officer Amy-Lees came to visit the Y2s with her car. We got to try on her equipment and switch on the siren!! Many thanks to South Yorkshire Police!

The children have all been given a user name and password for the fantastic Times Tables Rockstars! Already we have had a go and "earned" lots of virtual coins to buy guitars and hairstyles for our rockstar avatar. If you forget your password, don't worry! Please come and see me and I will tell you it again.

Here is the link to the login page. Best of luck and try to become a Rock Star Legend!

Here is a fantastic basketball place value game to test your maths skills!

The Y2s have been involved in a lot of talk for writing this week for our wanted posters. We have been on a Gruffalo safari and then imagined we were a police officer warning the public about this menacing and dangerous creature!!

The children showed excellent place value mathematics skills as they made different numbers using base ten, numicon or counters. Bravo Y2s!

Here are the Gruffalos performing the "slide", "bounce", "back step" and "drum" moves inspired by different dances from Africa. They did a great job finding the pulse of the song we were dancing to and some children added extra arm moves too!

The Y2s fulfilled their democratic Walkley duty by voting for members of the School Council. The children listened to each candidate in assembly and then carefully voted. The children were very sensible and no one spoilt their ballot!

Here are examples of the children's wonderful puppets. All were different and the children did a superb job of following their written designs.

Well done to the children for reaching 100 class wide rewards. To celebrate, the children voted for a slime party so we became scientists experimenting with different shampoos, amounts of sugar and food colouring. It was very sticky but creative and fun!

Star group writers went on an expedition to spot a Gruffalo and then described their own fictional creatures which they will write about this week. We also looked at thesauruses to learn new words and expand our vocabulary.

The Y2s got their creative juices going while making collage masks in preparation for a Stormwhale and Gruffalo show we will perform in 2 weeks!

Here are a few pics of our fantastic puppet making designers! We will post more very soon as they are not quite finished yet.

Hello world from the Gruffalos!!


We are doing our first computing lesson and wanted to write something in our blog. JY would like us to put photos and information about our awesome class wide reward parties we will have this year! RM would like to have lots of maths games this year. FG would like the Spot the Dragon listening game. Here it is!


Please keep looking at our blog for photos, news and fun learning games.


Best wishes from everyone in Year 2