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Autumn 1 Spectacular Spain

- Week 1 - 


We have had a fantastic couple of days getting to know the new Y3 Aslan class and are really pleased with the way children have settled back into school life. It is so lovely to see our classroom filled with smiley faces again! We have been busy exploring our class book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and have enjoyed creating our own magical worlds and practising mixing watercolour paint for our Aslan artwork. We hope all the children have a good rest over the weekend ready for us to start our new creative curriculum and science topics next week. 

 This half term, Aslans will have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays.


 Remember to come to school wearing your PE kit (white t-shirt and shorts/joggers) on these days and   take out your earrings. 

- Week 2 - 


This week, we have started our first creative curriculum topic, Spectacular Spain. We have located Spain on a map and have found the neighbouring countries, surrounding oceans and learnt the names of some of Spain's cities, including the capital, Madrid. 



We have also enjoyed our first Spanish lesson learning different greetings. This half term we will be learning how to tell someone our name, how to count up to 10 and how to tell someone our age. Have another listen to the song below and see if you can join in with the different greetings...

In Literacy, we are going to be doing a piece of writing based on the story of Ferdinand the Bull. This week, we have been making inferences about the main character Ferdinand and predicting whether or not he is going to be the right bull for the royal bullfight in Madrid. Watch the video below to see if your prediction was correct....

The Sorting Hat...

- Week 3 - 


In Literacy, we have been learning our first 'Talk Story' for Maria's diary on the day of the royal bullfight. We have also been using drama to help us infer how the characters might have been feeling at different points in the story. This will be very useful for when we write our diary entries as the outraged matador!

In Maths, we have been making numbers up to one thousand using Base 10. We used a part-whole model to show how many hundreds, tens and ones each number has.

If you'd like to practise some more, have a go at playing Shark Numbers by clicking HERE.

We started reading the book Lola's Fandango.  As she is going to learn flamenco dancing, we need to design her a dress! We used images from the book to collect ideas of patterns for the fabric.    

Y3 Aslans were certainly looking the part in PE this week as they practised the basic steps of the traditional Spanish dance, Flamenco! 

- Week 4 - 



In Maths this week, Y3 have been tackling some pretty tricky number lines! Super work Y3s.

Super Speedy SPaG!

This week, we have been revisiting some of our Y2 SPaG, recapping Terrific Tenses (past and present) and using apostrophes when writing cheeky contractions. We enjoyed singing along with Grammarsaurus! We then learnt about the homophones there, their and they're and have been practising using these! 

We have been practising our mental maths this Friday with a team game of maths noughts and crosses! 

If you would like to play at home, watch the Maths for Kids video HERE for a reminder of the rules. 

- Week 5 - 



This week, Y3 Aslans enjoyed their first classwide reward party - a sleepover movie night watching the film Ferdinand. It was a well deserved reward for all their hard work so far this half term! 

Inspired by the work of Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi, Y3 have been busy creating their own mosaic animals to join the dragon in Park Güell, Barcelona. We tried to re-create the trencadis technique, which uses broken tiles, using ripped paper. 

This week, the Aslans have been busy publishing their dramatic matador diary entries. Here are some examples of the children's fantastic work. All the Y3s did an amazing job of taking on the role of the angry matador - keep it up superstars! 

- Week 6 - 



- Week 7 - 



Forest School Compass Making

- Week 8 -