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Autumn 1:All About Us

Celebrating Diwali..

(Week 8)

This week in Elmer Class we have been finding out about the Hindu festival Diwali. We've read books about how it is celebrated & watched a puppet show about Rama & Sita.

We decorated some candles, we made some rangoli patterns and talked about the similarities with other festivals/celebrations.

Making soup & being an appreciative audience

(Week 7)

We have peeled, chopped, mixed, cooked & blended this week in Elmer class. We made some delicious vegetable soup & tasted our efforts at snack time.


The Gruffalo & Stormwhale classes invited Elmer class to a show in the Forest School. We were met by a welcoming party & shown to our seats. We watched a performance of their class books & were treated to some snacks in the 'gift shop' afterwards.

Busy Builders in Elmer Class

(week 6)

This week has brought out our planning, measuring & building skills. We have learnt the name & use of many tools including a spirit level, pliers & adjustable spanner & used them to build & balance. We've worked as a team to create some fantastic structures, snaked tracks to 'Tower Bridge' & built towers as tall as ourselves.

During the week we have been practising our counting & turn taking through games & circle time sessions. Elmer class have also been building sentences together to develop confidence in communication & language.

A short but lovely week 

(Week 5)

We have been looking at Autumn changes this week, which we will continue to investigate over the next few weeks. We've created some Autumn artwork that you'll notice in the classroom.

A fun packed week in Elmer class

(Week 4)

There has been lots of different learning taking place in the nursery this week. We have been helping some of the new children to understand the routines in Elmer class now that they are more settled, such as lining up, washing our hands & tidying our classroom. We've had some good fun mixing & making potions in the investigation area & getting creative with Autumn colours & objects. The Elmer children have been keen builders this week, making 'hotels', towers as tall as themselves & 'car museums' as well as a great deal of demolition & 'fixing'!

Autumn Potions

Can we build it?...yes we can!

Another wonderful week in Elmer Class

(Week 3)

Our focus this week has been on our Personal, Social, & Emotional skills. We've helped our new Elmer's settle into the nursery routine & done some great turn taking during group times & games.

Taking turns to play a sound game on the whiteboard

Forest School Week...

(Week 2)

Elmer class have had a wonderful week up at the Forest School & orchard. We played lots of games to help establish rules, build confidence & develop independence at forest school. We took part in scavenger hunts, spotted wildlife & collected apples & pears from the orchard to use back at nursery.

We used some of the apples & pears collected to observe the changes over time in our investigation area & we used some to bake into tasty Filo Flowers.

During the week commencing 9th September it is Forest School for Elmer class!

We have some great activities planned including, making use of some of the abundant fruit trees in our forest school.

Welcome to another exciting year in Elmer class.

(Week 1)

We have been very busy already, exploring colour in our creative & investigation work, making new friends and working very hard at lots of different listening games during group times. 

Enjoying a late summer outdoor snack with apples picked straight from the tree...delicious!