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Autumn 2

Our Autumn 2 term has begun and we have commenced our journey into the world of Tudor England.

To begin, we have been asked to design a new museum space to exhibit artefacts, art and information about life in Tudor England. The required us to work collaboratively, as you can see in the pictures.

Museum design


Our trip yesterday to the Showroom cinema in the city centre to watch the animated film 'Zarafa' was a great experience for everyone. If you're interested in the film, here's a link to the trailer; This version is in English - we enjoyed the film in French (with subtitles!)

After the film, we enjoyed an extremely civilised picnic in the Winter Garden, where the children's outstanding behaviour was commented on by a passer-by, followed by a walk through the city centre to look at the preparations for the Christmas celebrations getting underway in the Peace Gardens and along Fargate.





Forest School.

Last week, we enjoyed doing some of our learning outdoors in the Forest School (despite the miserable weather!)

We learned how to build a wall using natural materials, with vertical posts and woven layers.





We spent a morning preparing a very simple dough (just flour, sugar, cinnamon and water!) to make bread to be cooked over a camp fire, and finding and preparing sticks that could be used to safely carry the dough.



Soundpost Carol Workshop and Performance

Today was the culmination of our work with Bryony Griffith, when we performed at the University of Sheffield's Firth Hall, along with 90 other children, in the Soundpost Carol Workshop and Performance, accompanied by a pianist and a string quartet!

We have been on a steep learning curve, but the progress we have made and the sounds we produced were amazing - a real source of pride for Walkley Primary School. Well done, Skywalkers!