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Autumn 2

Christmas dinner! The children had fun listening to Christmas music whilst eating their dinners!

Maths Investigation

Potters have been working in pairs to investigate the area of triangles.

Emotional War poetry! The children in Potters spent a lot of time reading and analysing famous war poetry written by poets such as Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. We then focussed on using figurative language and emotions insprired by photographs of World War One. We then planned our poems with figurative language, emotions and a narrative. The Potters have worked incredibly hard throughout the writing process of editing and improving where necessary. These are our final drafts!

Forest School Day 3 - We made periscopes! This ties into our new Science topic (Light) and our theme of WW1. Periscopes were commonly used in the trenches!

Forest School Day 2 - We made bird feeders and drew birds.

Forest school day 1 - We created bug hotels and investigated facts about insects!