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Autumn 2

Here is some information about the amazing Greta Thunberg! Have a look to get some information as part of one of your learning log tasks:

This week we will be using loop tools to write more complex code. Please start here!:


Also here is a clip from expert coder and head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg about using loop tools:



Here is the marvelous poem by Kit Wright called The Magic Box which we are studying in Star group writing class:


Also here is a collection of other terrific poems to listen to, learn and perform!:

Star group writers have become poets and are in the process of writing their own Magic Box poem. Here they are in action putting a feeling, a taste, smell or image in the magic box.

The year 2s had a spell-binding time at the Into Film Festival. As we are currently studying about the world's oceans in class, we chose to go and see the documentary, Under the Sea in IMAX 3D! The children were amazed, fascinated and could hardly sit in their seats as they witnessed creatures such as sea snakes, turtles eating poisonous jellyfish and a great white shark bearing down on them! Both the Gruffalos and Stormwhales were a credit to the school and behaved wonderfully in the cinema and on the tram rides.

Well done to the Year 2s for raising lots of money for the fantastic charity, Children in Need. The children donated money to be face painted, buy Pudsey merchandise and have a go on lots of activities throughout the school. Have a super weekend everyone!

This week's coding challenges will begin with Bee Keeping. Can you create algorithms to command the bee to collect flowers and make honey? Let's find out! Please click on the link below:

In maths we were given piggy banks and we had to find different combinations to equal 10p, 20p or 50p. The Y2s were full of enthusiasm as they became maths investigators!

This term in computing we will be learning coding skills. Please click on this link to begin your CODE course with a super angry birds activity!

In our travels around the world's oceans we have visited two beautiful mosques in Mali and Turkey. The Y2s have done a super job honing their collage skills to either make a Blue Mosque or Djenne Mosque. Please check out this wonderful work!

In our "Land Ahoy!" topic we sailed to Jamaica and learnt, sang and played the xylophone to "Three Little Birds" by the late, great Bob Marley. Well done everyone for finding the pulse of the song and using the C and D keys!

The Y2s really enjoyed using money today in maths. They were quick to understand the value of certain coins and were excellent at adding up different combinations of coins. Terrific work Gruffawhales!