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Autumn 2

Year 4 Foxes Music

Take a look at some of our singing, dancing and body percussion we've been practicing in Music!
Unfortunately you can't hear the music too well coming through the interactive whiteboard- You'll need to turn the volume up loud.

Painting and Mosaic Making

We've had a busy afternoon in Foxes class this afternoon painting our clay pots and making a mosaic for our calendars.

Party Time!!!!

This week Foxes really enjoyed their class party! It's been slightly different this year but equally as fun! We competed in different games to win the humongous Christmas cracker. 

Well Done to Sheaf not just for winning but for sharing their winnings with the rest of the class. What a fantastic display of team work!

The Tortoise Formation

This week we've learnt all about the different strategies the Romans used in their army which helped them conquer new lands and expand the legendary Roman Empire!

We even tried acting out their famous tortoise formation while following instructions "DEX, SIN, SEX, SIN". The Roman Tortoise Formation was a defensive strategy used by Roman Legions. This was a type of shield wall which protected them from all angles to form a kind of shell hence the name 'Tortoise' formation. 



Still image for this video


This week Heather taught us some new tongue twisters. 

Watch the video and give it a try at home!

Heather- Tongue Twisters

Right in the Middle 0:00 How Much Wood 0:15 Have you Got? 0:30 Two Together 0:43

Julius Caesar

As part of our Mantle in literacy we received a letter from a Professor at Western Park museum. She asked us to write a biography of Julius Caesar explaining what he did to make him so famous.

Here are some pictures of our drama, we made freeze frames of different part of Caesars life.

Take a look at our Talk For Writing of our first few sentences.

Can you remember what the sentences say? Can you remember our actions?


We've had a fun filled day raising money for Children in Need across school in our own bubbles!

In foxes we had lots of different activities..

-Dancing with Amy

-Shoot the Pudsey archery

-Playing board games

-The floor is lava 'Children in Need' style 

-Hourly exercises 

-A Joe Wick workout!

Romulus and Remus

We've been exploring the legend of the founding of Rome since returning to school this half-term. The children have really engaged with it and have been impressing us with their story-telling ability. Take a look at some examples of our Golden Writing!

Clay Work

In Foxes we have been learning about Roman pottery. Using the examples, we designed our own pot. We then learnt how to make a pinch pot and made our designs out of clay, engraving the  patterns on using different tools.