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Autumn 2

The Kensukes have been enjoying their tag rugby sessions! We have practiced skills such as dodging, passing, tagging and scoring a try. We also enjoyed playing games in teams, trying out lots of strategies to score tries.

The Kensuke's have been making Christmas pictures, using coloured strips of paper to create a Christmas tree! We think they look very effective!

The Kensukes have been making Christmas cards! We made 'flaps' on which we stuck our penguins. We were very creative with the hats our penguins wore!

The Kensukes have been learning about Diwali! After learning about the festival of light, we made some traditional paper lanterns. I think you would agree that they look stunning!

The war has ended! We have come to the end of our learning about World War 1 which coincided with remembrance day. We produced some art work based on poppies. We have also written some fabulous war poetry - definitely work we are very proud of. now we turn our focus to World War 2...

Forest School Day 3 - As part of our Science topic on Light, we made periscopes (which were commonly used in WW1). We went the the forest school to look for leaf patterns and colours which could camouflage our periscopes so they would be appropriate for trench warfare!

Fun in the forest day 2 - today we focussed on British birds. we took part in a quiz involving top trumps cards about British birds where we have to compare various factors. We also made fat balls out of suet, sultanas and bird seed for the birds to eat during the cold months. Once again we loved out time in the forest. Well done Kensukes for looking after the local wildlife.

Fun in the forest day 1 - today was our first day of forest schools. We made bug hotels for the depleting mini beast population in Britain. We also took part in a fact finding mission matching hidden statistics to facts to broaden our knowledge of minibeasts. As you can see from all the smiling faces, we loved getting back out and about in the forest.

The Kensukes have started their new Science topic all about how to 'Light up your life'. Today, we demonstrated that light travels in straight lines using a simple experiment which involved using a torch's beam to hit a target. We then used a mirror to reflect the light beam to a target placed on the side. Finally, we drew diagrams which showed our experiment and our findings.