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Autumn 2

Roman Day


We've had a fantastic day with Leigh from Historic Workshops learning all about how Romans fought in battle, what a Roman soldier would need to carry with them and the games that they might play during their downtime. We have also explored how archaeologists investigate the artifacts that they excavate and how that bhelps to build a picture of the past.

The Wedge Formation

Still image for this video

Caratacus and Cartimandua


When Roman Emperor Claudius invaded Britain in 43 AD, the native Celtic Britons reacted to the mighty invading army in different ways.  Some saw them as enemies to be fought.  Others saw them as a means to grow richer.  Today in school, we have done some drama based around two of the most influential Britons of the age.


Have a look at the video below to find out what happened to Caratacus in the end.



We've been learning how to aim and shoot arrows with bows this half-term. The children are definitely on target to succeed!

The Science of Sound

We are learning about Sound this term in science.  In Forest School we conducted a survey of sound sources in different locations.   We've completed a range of activities to explore how a sound source creates a vibration which makes a sound.  Charlies were particularly interested in how the vibration from the tuning fork made the water move!  

Learning about ancient Britain in the Forest 


This week, have been learning about what life was like in Britain at the time of the Roman Republic. 


First, we looked at how the Iron Age Celts would have made their houses and had a go at wattling a wall. We discovered that it would have been quite hard and needed a lot of teamwork!


Next, we looked at the animals that have lived in Britian and sorted them into a Venn diagram.

Julius Caesar Biography


To prepare for writing our biography of the famous Roman leader, we did some drama based on the life of Julius Caesar. Can you work out which photos match the drama / freeze frame moments?

1 - celebrating with soldiers after conquering Gaul (Veni, Vidi, Vici);

2 - receiving Pompey's letter;

3 - crossing the Rubicon (The die is cast.);

4 - seeing that it's Brutus who is betraying him at the assassination (Et tu, Brute?).

Special Request!

We had a very special request in Y4 to investigate the best materials for sound proofing.  Using the sound sensor on the ipad, we have tested out different materials and are all ready to write back with our results.