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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 week 6

Earlier this week the children had a visit to the Tudor Museum, which also included watching some Tudor dancing. They have a great time.

The children have loved making their party hats this week and also made a start on their cards.

The children looking fabulous in the Christmas jumpers!

Autumn 2 week 5


The children have been brilliant this week, it is lovely to be back with them. As a treat we got all the fun stuff out in choosing today - play dough, sand, junk modelling and games on the interactive whiteboard. It was messy but fun!

The children have finished their fireworks poems and they are fantastic! Some children even decided to write an extra one during choosing time. This was particularly impressive as they did it completely independently.

Autumn Term 2 Week 4

This week , the children started learning about Christianity. The lesson focused on looking at different Church buildings and describing their features. The children used different materials such as stickle bricks, blocks , duplo and lego to make a church. We had a carousel of 5 different activities. Below are some pictures of the children .

Our Guided Reading text this week was all about how celebrating how we are different.  The Huey's are all the same , until Rupert decides to knit himself an orange jumper. After initially being shocked, the other Huey's decide to copy Rupert. Rupert, who likes to be different, decides to wear a hat! The children are acting out the story below , which they had a lot of FUN doing!

Autumn 2 week 2



Y1 Jolly Posties: Fireworks Music

Here are the Jolly Posties performing a piece of music they composed, which was inspired by fireworks!

The children absolutely loved their first session in the dance studio with Amy. Here they are doing the Gummy Bear dance and putting together a new fireworks dance routine.

Autumn 2 week 1

Y1 Jolly Posties Bonfire Night Rhyme

This week the children have been learning about Guy Fawkes. Here they are performing the 'Remember Remember' rhyme...

We have started Guided Reading this week... the children loved reading a story about Diwali and acted out the main parts of the story with a partner.