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Autumn 2


Week 7 

Well... we have finished this term on a high! We have had a great week doing all things Christmas. We have enjoyed our Christmas Dinner, Christmas party and Carols on the stage after school. 



Thank you everyone for working so hard this term. 

Have a fantastic holiday and we will see you in January! 


Miss Hill 

Week 6

This week, we have been learning about Royal Mail. We looked at what post boxes were like in the past and discovered they were all green. 200 years ago, they became the red we know today. We looked at the job of a postal worker and how busy they are at Christmas.

We even followed the journey of a letter through the postal system. It was really interesting to watch the little yellow envelope as it headed through the sorting office. 

We made our own post for people at school and delivered it ourselves, just like the postal workers. 

What a great week! 

See you on Monday


Miss Hill

Week 5

This week, we have been learning about our teeth. We have talked about Dentist and how important their job is, but also how we have to look after our teeth and eat the right foods to keep them healthy. We sorted the foods into healthy and unhealthy and discussed the impact sugar can have on our teeth. 

We have a letter from a tooth fairy and she asked use to help her Giant friend by putting the instructions in the right order. The Caterpillars were very good at this and knew the right way to brush our teeth.



We are going all Christmassy in Caterpillars and have enjoyed decorating the tree and making lots of decorations for our classroom! 

Have a great weekend.


Miss Hill


Week 4

Day 1 We have loved exploring our new environment and playing a fun game of hide and seek. We learnt how to stay safe in the forest and enjoyed this game to help us.
In the afternoon, Mrs English and the Caterpillars explored den building for animals to keep them safe and warm in preparation for the winter, building on the work they have done about autumn. They had a great time with the parachute. The children pilled on lots of leaves and then enjoyed working as a team, throwing the leave high into the air. 


Day 2 We went to the forest and looked around to see what the birds might eat in the winter. We threaded cheerios onto a pipe cleaner and hung them in the trees for the birds two eat whilst we weren’t there.

In the afternoon, we collected lots of leaves and sorted them into the correct colour bags. It was amazing to see what we have collected. 

Day 3 We arrived at the forest and there were lots of helmets and little fires hidden in the trees. We put on our helmets and our kits and fought the fires together. We squirted them with water and then collected them. We put them in order from 1-5. We drew lots of chalk fires all over the forest and worked together to put them out. 

In the afternoon, we celebrated our Autumn experience in the forest by making nature crowns. We tried to stick a red, orange, yellow and brown leaf on our crowns to show our Autumn theme. 

We have had such a great time and cant wait to go back. 

Thank you for a great time Caterpillars.


Miss Hill

Week 3

What fantastic work the Caterpillars have been doing with Mrs English. We have been learning about Seasonal Changes in the world around us. We talked about Autumn and what the children already know, we then went on learning walk to look at how the world outside is changing. Last week we played a game of lucky dip searching in our crunchy leaves to find signs of Autumn and talking about any pictures we were unsure about. 

Finally, we put our ideas down on paper to show what we had remembered and what each of us enjoys most about the Autumn. 

Please take a look at our pictures below to see the activities we have been doing. 

Pictures of Autumn

Children in Need

We had such a great time celebrating Children in Need on Friday. We enjoyed lots of activities such as making Pudsey bunting, Sponge a Teacher, Make a Teacher Laugh, putting coins on Pudsey and lots more. It was a fab day! 

Week 2

Our Caterpillars are fantastic! We have had such a fab week together. We have loved continuing with our firefighter learning. This week, we have had such a special guest. We spoke to my Dad on Google Meet. He is a fire fighter and told us all about what it was like to be a fire fighter. We asked some really thought out questions including "Do you get hot in a fire?" Thank you so much Firefighter Hill. 


We have been focusing on fire engines and learning about everything on board. We know about the big scissors, hose pipes, pumps, fans, ladders and blue flashing lights. We have drawn a picture of a fire engine in our Golden Writing Books and have added some labels. Have a look at how amazing they are!  

In Maths, we have been doing lots of counting this week. We have been looking at the theme of Diwali and counting seqins, stars, candles and fire works. We have been busy remembering to; count one item at a time, say one number for each item, say the last number as the total.

We had such a special Remembrance Day. We all practised our cutting skills and made ourselves a poppy. We do add play dough poppies and did wreath cutting. 

We have had some very tired Caterpillars this week! We have worked so hard. Have a lovely weekend with your families. 


Miss Hill

Week 1

We have such a great week starting our new Heroes theme. We began with a delivery of a box and sorted the uniform into police officers and firefighter. We have been busy outside building many fire engines and fighting so many fires. The school has been alight many times over the last week, its a good job the Caterpillars have been around to put them out. 

In maths, we have been looking at different ways to make 1,2 & 3. We threw quoits into a hoop to see how many out of 3 we could get in the hoop. Sometimes it was none, sometimes 1 sometimes 2 or 3. We could see all of the ways to make 3. 

We have loved our block with Dazzle Dance Amy. We performed our Ballet Barn dance in front of the green screen. Thank you so much Amy... we can't wait to see you again after Christmas. 

This week, we have been talking about both Diwali and Bonfire Night. Have a lovely weekend celebrating all things light! 

See you next week 


Miss Hill