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Autumn 2

Pop Art isn't just an art movement, it's a lifestyle, a craze and a way of looking at the world. We learnt all about Pop Art and artists such as Andy Warhol and used it as inspiration for our very own calendars.

We love investigating! We tried to answer the question - What affects the length of a shadow? We had a great time planning, carrying out and drawing conclusions from our experiment!

The Kensukes have been investigating how shadows are made. Using our knowledge about light travelling in straight lines, we made shadows with different objects and talked about why shadows have the same shape as the objects which cast them. We then used our knowledge to make shadow puppets and made a theatre production about World War 2.

Linking with our creative curriculum topic about World War 1, we researched the end of World War One and the circumstances in which the armistice was signed. We read actual newspaper reports from this time and noted the ways in which the world celebrated. Quotes are usually used in newspaper reports so we re-capped on the rules of speech punctuation and included direct and indirect speech in our articles.

The Kensukes had a fantastic time on our trip to Kelham Island Museum to take part in 3 workshops about WW2! First, we honed our historical and investigation skills to discover different experiences of evacuee children during the Second World War. We really enjoyed handling historical artefacts and discussing their reliability! We then met Vera Braithwaite - a female Sheffield munitions worker working in the factories responsible for making the famous Sheffield armaments during the war. It was very enlightening to see her at work in the museum! Finally, we learnt all about life on the home front such as what happened in an Anderson Shelter, what the Home Guard was, what to do in a fire drill and how to spot enemy planes. Not only did we learn so much at the museum, we had so much fun too!

What a fantastic few days in Kensukes! We've been commemorating Armistice Day by being creative with poppies. We sewed our own poppies to wear and created watercolour scenes of poppy fields. We have also been writing our own war poetry to display in school.

The Kensukes have been making periscopes! After discussing how they work, the children designed and created their very own periscopes!

The Kensukes have started their new Science topic all about how to 'Light up your life'. Today, we have demonstrated that light travels in straight lines using a simple experiment which involved using a torch bean to hit a target. We then used a mirror to reflect the light beam!