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Autumn 2

Year 2 have just completed their first week on multiplication in Maths. They worked in pairs to investigate how many different ways you can make equal groups from 12 counters.

The Gruffalos had a fantastic time at the Sheffield Central Library and have already been asking when they can go back there. We were incredibly proud of their behaviour throughout the trip.

Around rehearsals for the Nativity, the whole of Year 2 made time for a Geography lesson in Forest School. We looked at how grid references were used on a map and then set off up to Forest School with a map of the local area. The children spotted some unusual objects along the journey and recorded what they had found using a 2-figure grid reference. They then had time to learn through play, with some building dens.

Dodgeball competition


This week, myself ( Mr Rist) and Miss Edge took a group of wonderful children from Gruffalo's and Giants to Forge Valley for a dodgeball competition against other primary schools. You will see in the photos below, there were lots of great activities for them to practice and improve their throwing skills. They were great role - models for the school and had loads of fun!

In Design and Technology, we have been looking at wheels and axles. The Gruffalos worked in small groups to make vehicles out of Lego, using fixed or free moving axles. They explored different features of wheels, axles and chassis. This allowed them to identify some issues they would need to consider when designing and making their own toy car.

On Children in Need Day, the Gruffalos enjoyed dressing up and watching the staff obstacle course, alongside other Pudsey-themed activities. They also received a visit from two bears, celebrating the fact that 13 Gruffalos had no lost learning time this year.

In Science, the Gruffalos have been looking at animals and their offspring. They discovered that some offspring look like miniature versions of their parents, while others look completely different! The children worked in groups to match animals to their offspring.

The Gruffalos have been exploring using overarm and underarm throws to try to hit a target.

We have started a new unit of PE: Target Games. During the first lesson, children practised rolling and sliding balls and bean bags to their partner, focusing on aim and how much power they needed to apply.