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Autumn 2

In our Autumn 2 Tuesday PE lessons we have been exploring and developing our fundamental ball skills such as throwing and catching, rolling and dribbling with both hands and feet. We have been looking to perform these skills with increasing control and accuracy using co-ordination and balance. We have had the opportunity to work independently, and collaboratively in pairs and small groups.

The Posties' story map of Pattan's Pumpkin

The Posties are about to write a recount of the traditional story "Pattan's Pumpkin". They have drawn their own story maps and used these to retell the story to one another. Here is our first attempt.

Our week of forest school has included our science lessons, a maths problem solving task, a geography field work task and we finished with a play session where the children were making dens, baking me a cake....mmmmm....and clearing the forest school of leaves. Someone even made themselves a seesaw using logs. We had a lot of fun this week.

In forest school, the children have been observing seasonal changes and comparing these to our last visit in September. The children noticed there were a lot more leaves on the ground, many leaves were falling as we were in there and there were many different colours. Then the children selected a range of different leaves to make 'stick kebabs'.

Last term the children were learning how to use the iPad safely and how to access particular apps. They planned what they were drawing on paper and then reproduced this using Doodlebuddy. The children can create a picture, change colours, change pen sizes, erase and undo. At the end of the project they were able to talk about their picture and tell me how they could have improved it as well.

In Science we have been observing trees in the Autumn and learning about which months belong to which season. The children also observed how their clothes had changed since the weather had become colder.

In RE, we have been thinking about meaningful gifts, as a link to Christmas. The children shared lovely comments about meaningful gifts they had received and why these gifts were special to them. They then drew their gift and wrote about it.

Wet - Poem by Shirley Hughes

The Posties have memorised a Shirly Hughes poem called 'Wet'. This is from the excellent collection of poems titled ' Out and About'.