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Autumn 2

St Bart's Church visit- wevloved our walk to church to hear a story acted out and have a snack!

Today we went on our adventure to Walkley Library. We had a great time exploring Walkley, and noticing different bits of physical geography in the surrounding area. We had a great time.

Reading with our new curriculum books!

Christmas Jumper Day

Computing: Recording sound and images. This week we learnt how to use a camera on an ipad. We asked how to ask for consent for photos, and we worked together to edit our photos.

Anansi Pattan's Pumpkin

We have been reading a story called Pattan's Pumkpin. This week we made a story plan to explore what happened in the story. CB used the story map to retell the story.

Pattan's Pumpkin: An Indian Flood Story by Chitra Soundar and Frané Lessac | Read by Amy

Here is the story read by Milkshake

Anansi Forest School

Year 1 English Autumn 1 - Poetry - Out and About

We love poetry in Year 1, and just before half term, we learned a poem "off by heart". We explored Shirley Hughes' poems about the seasons, and looked at the poems.
Show these videos to your children and see if they can remember the words!