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Autumn 2

Week 8


After many practices and a dress rehearsal, we performed our play to all of you. I think you will agree that everyone did an amazing job. Everybody joined in and everyone was spectacular. Thank you so much to everyone who came to watch, it really was fantastic seeing everyone there.

Christmas Craft

This week, we made our Christmas cards. We folded a black piece of card, then we made a snowman on the front using googly eyes, buttons and then we decorated our snowman. They all look fantastic and we had a great time making them.


As it was our last week, it was time to make our cars. After much preparation, we finally got to make them. First, we made a hole in the side of the box so we could put the axle through. After, we put the wheels on the end of the axle. Then, we got an adult to saw off the excess wood from the axle. Finally, we decorated the car. We played with them and tested them to see if they rolled properly. Take a look below at all of the fantastic designs.


On Wednesday, we had a special visitor. It was Father Christmas. After parking his sleigh, he came into the classroom and gave us two presents. It was very exciting. Santa gave us a beanbag for our reading corner and a jigsaw of the world. We have had great fun using our presents over the past couple of days.


On Wednesday, it was party day. We played lots of games such as pass the parcel, musical statues and sleeping lions. After, we had a disco, then we all calmed down and ate our snack while watching something on the screen before we all went home  

Visit to St Barts Church

This week, we went to St Barts church to learn all about the Christmas story from the shepherd’s point of view. We learnt what a shepherd’s job was and what it was like for shepherds 2,000 years ago. We learnt about how the shepherds heard about the news of Jesus and how the went around telling everyone the good news. After, we got the chance to ask questions and we had a drink and a biscuit.


It has been an absolutely fantastic term. It has been really long but everyone has always tried their best. Have a fabulous Christmas and make sure you get a good long rest.

See you all in 2024.

Week 7

Dress Rehearsal

This week, we performed our show (The King of the Polar Bears) to the children in Year 5 and Year 6. Everyone did an incredible job. Everyone knew their lines; everyone knew when it was their turn to go on stage and we all did some fabulous singing. We cannot wait to show you all our play.

Christmas Craft

This week, we started to do our calendars. First of all, we painted our hand brown and used our hand to make a big hand print so it looked like a tree. Then, after it had dried, we used our fingers to paint the four seasons of the year. They all look great and we will be sending them home next week.


This week, as we have finished our computing topic we got to use the iPad’s and create our own stop motion animation video with our friends. We had some great ideas and, in the end, some fantastic videos, which we shared with each other.


Have a fabulous weekend and see you all for our final four days on Monday!

Week 6


This week, we had another fabulous recorder lesson. After mastering our first two notes, we have now moved onto learning a new note. We have started to learn note G. To play this note we have to really stretch our fingers and cover the first three holes on the recorder. After learning this note, we then played a song where we had to switch between all three notes. Everyone did a great job.


This week, we learnt about the monarchy in the United Kingdom and Japan. We learnt may fascinating things. We learnt where King Charles lives and where the Emperor of Japan lives. Also, we learnt the Emperor of Japan is called Naruhito. Lastly, we learnt that women are not allowed to be Emperors in Japan, which is different to the UK.


This week, we finished our topic on “Why did God send Jesus to save the world.” We discussed questions around love and kindness. We answered questions such as how can you show love and kindness to someone and we thought about a time when someone had shown us love and kindness. We learnt that Christians believe that Jesus loves everyone and He wants everyone to know Him.


This week, we have had another rehearsal of our performance. We are practicing the songs everyday and our acting also coming on well too. We cannot wait for everyone to see it.

Week 5

Class wide reward celebration

After reaching 100 class wide reward points again we had our second party. This time, we voted and choose a Lego party. We had a fabulous time with the Lego. We made bullet trains and Mount Fuji related to our Japan topic among many others structures which were built. It was a fantastic way to finish a busy week.  


This week, we have been learning about polar bears. We have learnt lots of facts about them such as, where they live, what they look like, what they like to eat and also we have come up with some fantastic adjectives to describe them. Next week, we will be writing our information text about amazing polar bears.

Performance practice

This week, was our first full run through of The King of the Polar Bears show. We practiced each section of the play and practiced the songs too. Everyone did an amazing job as it can be quite difficult at the start to practice all the parts.


Thank you to everyone who has brought in their fantastic bullet trains. They all look brilliant! Every person who has made one so far has come to the front and  have been so proud of the models they have made.



Week 4

Forest School

This week, we have been to the forest and done some fantastic learning. First, we took some iPad’s into the forest and used the skill we had learnt from previous week to make a stop motion animation movie. We used all natural props, such as leaves and sticks and we made a movie and showed each other our movies. They were all fantastic and we had an amazing time.

The next day, we went to the forest and we learnt all about map drawing. We had a tour of all the areas in the school grounds. Then, we sat on a bench in the forest and we used a map to help us draw our own map of what we had just seen.

Later in the week, we went to the forest to practice our Winter Production (The King of the Polar Bears.) We practiced several parts of the play. Everyone did an amazing job and we know everyone will be fantastic in the performance.


This week, we learnt a new song. We have been learning the notes A and B on our recorders. Our new song uses both of these notes. We had to keep swapping our fingers over the play the correct notes at the correct time. It was very tricky but we all did fab! Also, this week we started to read music and know what the symbol is for a rest period along with the correct symbols for the correct notes.


This week, we used all the equipment we will be using in a few weeks to build a car in a group. We were learning how to put the axles through the chassis, how to fix the wheels on the axles and how to make sure the car would stay straight when we pushed it. We learnt that the axles have to be the same length and the wheels work best when they are the same size.

Week 3

Science experience

This week, we had a very exciting science lesson. We got to use virtual reality googles which took us into a new world. We learnt about different animals and their habitats. We looked at a Golden Eagle, a tiger and a Tuna fish. We learnt facts about them and then saw them in their natural habitat through our virtual reality headsets.


This week, we continued our work on comparing the UK and Japan. We learnt about different types of physical geography. We learnt that in Japan they have volcanoes, mountains, and most of the country is covered with forests.


This week, we continued to investigate our question: Why do Christians believe that Jesus can save the world? We looked at two different stories, Jesus Notices Zacchaeus and Jesus Heals the Paralysed Man. We talked about how kind Jesus was and how he did not judge people in the story. We also, discussed how he forgave people and how Jesus wanted people to do the same.


Children in Need

Thank you so much for all your donations and for sponsoring the children to do 1000 burpees. It was a fantastic day, with many fun activities. You all looked fabulous in all your Pudsey Bear gear.

This week, all the children have been given a part in our winter production called The King of the Polar Bears. All letters have been sent home and some scripts for the Narrators too.  

Week 2


This week, we have started our dance lessons with our dance teacher. We are learning dancers that are about inventions. We have being following the dance teachers moves and the trying to remember the routine.


This week, we explored a chassis, wheels and axles. We were given a bag which had lots of different Lego pieces in it. Then, we had to try and build a simple car by attaching the axles and wheels to the chassis. It was great to see everyone working in their small groups and preserving with the task.


This week, we recapped some things which we had learnt before. We recapped how to play the A and B notes as well as looking at notes and learning how many beats we had to play for each particular note. Also, this week we played a song where we had to switch notes. Everyone did a fantastic job.


This week, we have continued with our book called Leaf. This week, we have written some expanded noun phrases. This is where we choose two adjectives to describe a noun. Also, in between the two adjectives we had to remember to put a comma.

Have a fabulous weekend and see you all on Monday.  

Welcome back to the Seawigs blog. I hope you all had a fantastic break. Everyone has come back ready to learn. We have had a great first week back.

Week 1


This week, we started our new PE unit, fitness. We learnt how our we use our body when we run at different speeds. We noticed, we used our arms a lot when we sprinted, this helped us go faster. We learnt that, sprinting is not always the fastest way to move as sometimes we need to go slower when we come to a corner.


This week, we learnt about families. We were discussing if all families are the same. After our discussion, we learnt that all families are not the same. We all talked about our families and how we all had different people in our families. For our task we drew a family which was different to ours.


This week, we learnt about food chains. We learnt what different animals ate and how to works like a chain. We all noticed that the first part of a food chain was always a plant.


In maths, we have started learning about addition and subtraction. First, we learnt about fact families. We had four numbers and we had to make four number sentences from those four numbers. We had to make two addition and two subtraction number sentences. We learnt, when we use subtraction, we have to put the largest number at the start. Next, we moved onto adding three, one, one-digit numbers together.   

This term we will make stop motion animation in computing. Here is a great quiz to test your skills on using multi-media in computing.