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Autumn 2


We have had a lovely time in Elmers during the build up to Christmas. We have celebrated with Party Games, Dancing, Christmas crafts and a special visit from the big man himself 'Father Christmas' 

The children were very pleased with their gifts and have already been fishing in the water tray with their new nets and have enjoyed making lots of models and patterns with their magnetic shapes. 

A big thank you Santa from the Elmers X :) 


Playing with our gifts from Santa

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Although the cold weather might not be everyone's cup of tea, we put on our hats, coats and gloves and ventured out into the cold. 

The Ice provided us with some very unexpected learning opportunities. We explored how the Ice felt by holding it in our hands and treading on it on the ground. It was very cold and slippery. A great chance to use some new vocabulary for describing. 

We freed some of our toys that had been captured by the ice carefully problem solving to find the best method to get them free. We used our gross motor skills to collect as much Ice as we could in our toy trucks searching all around the playground and then looked carefully at the shapes the ice had formed looking for shapes that we knew - Triangles, squares, rectangles.


Celebrations of Light

We have been learning about different light Festivals in Elmers. 

Beginning with Bonfire night, we talked about what bonfire night is and shared our own experiences of bonfire nights and being outside watching the fireworks. 

We thought about the colours that we saw and used some great words to describe what sounds the fireworks made. 

We used our creative skills to paint some beautiful firework pictures and used our bodies to pretend to be the fireworks spinning around and shooting up into the air. 




We continued looking at festivals of light by learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. 

We listed to the story of Rama and Sita and watch the story on the big screen. 

We then made our own salt dough and used the pinch pot technique to create our own Diva lamps. We pressed different shaped sequins into the dough to decorate them. 

Please click the link below to watch the story of Rama and Sita again.