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Autumn 2 - ¡Hola Mexico!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Year 3 have had a busy afternoon making their Mayan inspired Spanish calendars ready for 2019!

Confusing Calendars

Continuing with our learning about the Ancient Maya civilisation, year 3 have learnt about the Maya number system which is made up of shells, dots and bars. This week, we have learnt about the highly confusing Maya calendar. There were two interlocking calendars, one for religion and one for farming. Together they were known as the calendar round and it took 52 years for the same combination to occur!

We are going to use these as inspiration for our 2019 class this space.

Ancient Maya Temples

Our trip to Mexico has now taken us back many thousands of years to the time of the Ancient Maya. Year 3 have been busy working in teams to create their very own Maya temple decorated in traditional Mayan hieroglyphics. The children have also been busy in literacy, planning and writing some fantastic adventure stories where their characters decide to explore an abandoned temple. 



Forest school fun!

We had lots of fun in forest schools last week. We linked our work to our learning in the Creative Curriculum by creating collages out of nature. We also did some weaving with wool around a stick base.

Dia de los Muertos


Year 3 have had an exciting start to Autumn 2 celebrating the Mexican festival 'Dia de los Muertos'. The children had a fantastic day making traditional Mayan hot chocolate, writing recipes, creating their very own calavera masks and producing a short video all about this exciting festival using the school iPads. We also had two delicious surprises brought from home including traditional Mexican 'pan de muertos' and some brilliantly decorated fairy cakes.