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Autumn 2 Surviving the Stone Age

- Week 1 -

In Maths, we have been practising mentally adding ones, tens and hundreds to numbers and how our number bonds can really help us to do this efficiently. Click on the link below to play 'Hit the Button' to practise recalling your number facts within 10. 

In English, we have been drafting and editing our Stone Age portal stories. We recapped the use of apostrophes and enjoyed singing along to the Grammarsaurus song about using apostrophes for contractions.

In Spanish, we have been learning the numbers up to 10. After listening and saying our numbers, we played a game of number detectives. We also sand along to the Rockalingua song below which also includes colours!

On Friday, the sun was shining and we managed to squeeze in our football tournament which had unfortunately been postponed due to torrential rain before the holidays! It was brilliant to see the Aslans putting their new skills into practise! 

- Week 2 -

This week, we have started preparations for our LKS2 winter performance. We enjoyed reading the story 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' by Dr. Seuss. We also listened to the songs which we will be performing and looked at the lyrics and how some of them have been adapted to describe parts of the story. 

Song 1 Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Song 2 Merry Christmas Everyone - dancers

Song 3 Sleep Song

Song 4 Hey Grinch

Song 5 - Merry Christmas Everyone - again!

Song 6 Winter Wonderland

Song 7 Feliz Navidad

In Art this week, we have been looking at tone as part of our unit developing our drawing skills. We learnt about different sketching pencils and the different effects they can create. After practising our shading and creating different tones in our sketchbook, we had a go at sketching an apple. We focused on our shading technique and looking for the dark and light areas. 

In Reading, we have been enjoying performing a poem by Michael Rosen called 'I was born in the Stone Age'. Here is a video of the poet himself performing his work. 

- Week 3 -

We started the week with our 'Stone Age Party' after reaching 100 classwide rewards for the second time this year!


We made the most of being in costume and used this opportunity to film two of the poems we have been reading in our Guided Reading lessons. We hope you enjoy our performances!

In English, we have also been studying poetry. We began by learning the poem 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. This is one of his favourite poems and is included in his 80th birthday anthology. You can listen to him reading his poem below...

After looking at the structure and language used in the poem, we brainstormed ideas about the sounds of the Stone Age, including lists of related rhyming words. We then substituted our Stone Age ideas with sounds in the original to create our own poems. Here is our planning process in action...

In Art this week, we have been learning how to create texture when drawing. This will be a useful skill for when we start our final pieces!

As part of 'Anti-Bullying Week' we have been thinking about the qualities of a good friend and how we can all try to be the best possible friend to others. 

Fundraising for Children in Need 2022 - thank you Aslans for all your generous donations to this cause!

As well as dressing up, we enjoyed cheering for the staff in the Walkley obstacle course...

We also took part in the class challenge 'Pudsey Pong'...

- Week 4 -

This week, we have been publishing our Stone Age poems using StopMotion animation. After planning as a group, we used the iPads to create our animations, record our narration and add sound effects! 

- Week 5 -

As part of our topic, Spectacular Spain, Year 3 have been learning about the story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. We have looked at what makes an effective diary entry and put ourselves in the matador's shoes, using drama to help us infer thoughts and feelings at different points in the story. The children were then tasked with writing their own diary entry from an upsetting day in the matador's life when, after years of training, he takes on 'Ferdinand the Fierce' in the corrida. It's safe to say it wasn't quite the performance he was hoping for!

- Week 6 -

The Y3s and Y4s have been working extremely hard on their performance of 'The Grinch who Stole Christmas' and performed in their first dress rehearsal on Monday. We are all very excited about our performances on Thursday and can't wait to see you there! 

Our trip to St Bart's this morning was a lovely way to think about the Christmas story. The children took part in the nativity and then stayed for a drink and a biscuit. It all felt very merry!

In Forest School, we have been developing our communication skills in order to guide a blindfolded partner along the maze. 

In PE this half term, Y3 have been learning the steps to traditional Spanish dances in order to perform a group routine. They certainly looked the part during their rehearsals in the dance studio. 

- Week 7 -

   A visit from Santa!!