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Autumn 2: The outbreak of World War One

Futsol tournament at Forge Valley (18th December 2018)

We came, we saw, we didn't win BUT we had a great time. Each of the 9 who represented us were absolute diamonds and it was a pleasure for Mr Rigler, Miss Kendall and Mr Gamage to be the co-managers of a team bursting with great spirit.

Acting....honest! (come see the Christmas show for the full version!)

After the dress rehearsal last Friday, Mr Rigler decided that something extra was needed in order to truly bring the Y6 section of Papa Panov to life. Behold above the practice session for this additional element!

We went down to the woods today...

Circuit Training: Y6 style

Week 1 of our 6 week circuit training PE block is documented above. Look at those Kensukes go!

Prodigy Maths

In school we are backing up our in class learning with a new, online maths programme called Prodigy. Each Y6 has a personalised avatar and login to use both at school and at home. Featuring an exciting world to explore and master, Prodigy has already proven to be a big hit with the Kensukes.


Why not ask one of them to give you a guided tour?

Remember, remember: the 9th November, when Walkley did the athletics thing really, really well!

Semi-Finals here we come!!!!!