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Autumn term 1

Using DoodleBuddy on our Ipads to edit Photos

Today we explored using the iPads as cameras, as we learnt the difference between the 2 cameras on the device.

We learned how to take photos, how to hold the iPad still.  How to ask permission when taking photos, and probably most importantly, how to delete photos you didn't like.

We went on a treasure hunt and had to take photos of what we could find


Maths is Easy!


We have been doing our CLIC work every day to get better at Maths.


Clic stands for counting, Learn its, It's nothing new, and Calculation.




Can you count forwards in 1s to 20?

Can you count backwards from 20?

Can you count in 2s to 20?

Can you count in 5s to 50?


Learn It's

Can you Double 1 2 3 4 5?

Can you halve 2 4 6 8 10?

What is 2 + 3?

What is 1 + 2?

How many ways can you make 10?


It's nothing new

This helps us with context.

If 2 dogs and 3 dogs is 5 dogs, how about 2 cats add 3 cats? 2 balloons and 3 balloons?



Can you answer a question?

Can you show me how 4 + 2 = 6?

Will you use a number line?

Will you use a 10 frame?

Will you use the bar model?

Will you use numicon?

Will you use fingers?

Can you show your parents how to do Part Part WHOLE!


Here is us finishing a CLIC session, writing number sentences using our own whiteboards and our own pencil cases! Look how clever we are!



We have been using the Free (watch out for adverts) iPad App called Doodle Buddy to try to draw Anansi the Spider.

What do you think of our efforts?

Science! We used a special hoop to look for signs of Autumn, what signs can you see near your house?

We have been busy counting out amounts of objects, then finding one more and one less. Can you find one more and less of different amounts?

Maths superstars! We have enjoyed comparing groups of objects, which has more/less or is equal?

Forest school-We loved making leaf kebabs and later identifying which trees they were from!

Anansi the Spider

This is "Anansi the Spider" by Mr Mike on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.