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Autumn Term 1

Week 8


It's been a busy first term but the children have adjusted brilliantly and I'm sure are looking forward to a well deserved break. Just to clarify, homework and reading records should be handed in on Thursday, sorry for any confusion over this. It just gives us time to get everything marked and back to you by Friday!


We started this week with some work around The Storm whale. Children got into role as the main character, Noi, and called a friend to tell him/her about an exciting visitor in the bath!



Have a go at this game to practise your phonics and grammar skills:


Happy Halloween! Why not have a go at this spooky game to practise your spellings.

This week the children have been voting in the very important Y6 school council elections. They have learn about the voting process and posted their vote anonymously.

Week 7


This week in Maths we have been working on number bonds to 100. Have a go at this fun Maths game to get in a bit more practice! Please choose make 100 (tens)! Also have a look below at some of the Maths work we have been doing in class.

The children are really enjoying their music lessons. This week they have been clapping rhythms to the song 'In the Hall of the Mountain King', which you can find here. We have also used body parts to create percussion for different parts of the song. 

Week 6


This week in Maths we have been adding and taking away tens. Have a go at this fun game to practise doing this with a hundred square. 


In RWI we have been focusing on reading words with split digraphs (a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e). Choose the split digraphs in this game to practise spelling words with these sounds. 



This week we have also enjoyed doing some super yoga, learning about rhinos in Guided Reading and lastly we had a surprise remote disco with the other Burnaby classes!

Week 5


Have a go at this fun spooky game to practise spelling common exception words.


In Maths we continue to work on place value. The children have been using maths manipulatives to make and partition two digit numbers. Have a go at this fun game to practise making more 2 digit numbers.

Please check out these awesome woodland animals, decorated using paint and also leaves collected from the forest!

More forest school photos - for the last two days we've been building miniature dens for miniature dinosaurs and acting out the Storm whale story using puppets.

Forest school - so far we have explored microhabitats, looked for signs of animals and have worked on identifying different trees. We managed to stay dry which was a bonus!

Week 3


Apologies for the delay in writing this blog but well done to the Storm whales for reaching 100 class wide rewards! I hear they had a fabulous time at their drawing/colouring party. 


In Maths last week we worked on place value and compared numbers using the following signs: =, < and >. Please take a look at the photos below to see the children working hard, partitioning numbers using the manipulatives and making their own hungry crocodile to compare numbers!

In Science the children have been learning about world habitats. Towards the end of the slides you will see them matching animals to their habitats.
Thank you for your continued efforts with reading at home. The children are desperate to change their books every day, so they are obviously reading a lot!

Week 2


Another fabulous week here in Storm whale class. We are already on 92 class wide rewards! We've been doing lots of reading this week. So many children are close to getting their silver reward already, it's great to see they have been doing so much reading at home. 


I have given out a list of Y1 and Y2 common exception words. These can also be found in the reading record. Please practise reading and spelling these words and this will help your child get off to a terrific start to Y2. 


This week we have finished our storm whale puppets

In Maths we've been working on place value by making numbers using maths manipulative and by drawing them

Fun phonics games to try at home:


We have been working on the following sounds this week: oy, oi, ea, ou. With these games you could focus on just these sounds or you could try a mix.


Week 1


Welcome back and welcome to Storm whales! The children have been absolutely amazing this week. Both myself and Mr Jones are extremely impressed at how well they have adjusted to being back in school. It's lovely to see how excited the children are to be back and to see their friends again. 


Please enjoy a few photos of our week.. we have kept very busy getting to know the Storm whale story, making Storm whale masks, designing puppets, writing about ourselves and making birthday cards for future birthdays!