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Autumn 1 The World & I

Wk 8: This week we've been doing lots of physical activities outside & observing what happens to our bodies. We have played running races & tested our balancing skills by creating obstacle courses.
This week we've also been observing our environment. We noticed lots of spider webs along the fence & used the water sprayers to make them more visible, so that we could look at their patterns.
Indoors, we have been using the magnets to sort objects in trays & hunt around the classroom for magnetic objects.
Wk 7: This week we have been using our turn taking & cooperative skills to play together with our nursery friends. We've built tracks & bridges for the trains, baked buns & biscuits with our own play dough and shared the Care Bear World toys. We've also played chasing games in our outdoor area & built ramps for the cars to race down.

Wk 6: This week we have spent some time looking for signs of Autumn in our outdoor area. We noticed that it has got colder, the leaves on our trees are turning yellow, orange & red and some have fallen off the trees. We then explored Autumn colours to create some wreaths & collages that now decorate our windows, be sure to have a look.

We have also continued our learning about sharing, taking turns & being pleased for our friends when they do well.

Wk 5. This week we have been focusing on sharing & taking turns. Sometimes we find these skills tricky, so we have to practise! We've shared food, played turn taking games & shared toys.
Wk 4 This week we have been looking closely at our own faces in the mirror ready to create our own portraits. We mixed colours & used collage materials to make our pictures, trying to choose the right colours for our features. We have also spent some time playing turn taking games to help us to learn to share fairly with our nursery friends.
Wk 3 This week we had lots of fun at forest school, collecting fruit from the orchard to taste, explore & observe. We played Hide & Seek with Elmer, played some listening games & went on a treasure hunt for different sized sticks, leaves & creepy crawlies. We also helped Mr Butler to build a bug hotel so that we can attract more minibeasts to forest school. 
Wk 2 This week we had an exotic visitor to the Elmer garden...

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Wk 1 Welcome back!

We are so glad to start the Autumn term, welcoming our families back to nursery. We know things are still slightly different with parents being unable to come in with their children but our lovely little Elmers have coped brilliantly & are happy to be back.

This half term we are focusing on our class book Elmer the elephant by David McKee & getting to know each other. We will be exploring colours, our feelings, our families & our environment.