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Autumn Term 1

Week 1

Hello lovely Gruffalos! Thank you for such a super start from Wednesday to Friday. Mrs Chetcuti and I have been so impressed with your manners, desire to learn and great sense of fun. Incredibly, we are already on 36 class-wide rewards! See you on Monday.

Week 2

This week we have started to plan our end of term Gruffalo show. Here are the class building their puppets after designing them on paper and experimenting with different materials first.

This week we have been looking at the place value of numbers and counting to 10, 20, 50 and 100. Here are the gruffalos in action with numicon, dienne sticks and toy dinosaurs!

Congratulations to this week's award winners!

Week 3

Week 3: Today we looked at part, part, whole in maths to build numbers. Bravo to the gruffalos who were determined and very hardworking.

We went on a Gruffalo safari with Professor Von Brown. Luckily, we spotted one having a snooze by his cave. We used lots of describing words and used this to write on a poster.

TT Rock Stars

This week the children were given their own TT rockstars logins to access this brilliant maths resource. Please have a go on your adult's phone (ask first!), computer or tablet. Soon you may become a "Rock Legend!" The login and password are stuck in the homework books.

Congratulations to this week's Golden Citizen, Behaviour Superstar and Whizzy Worker!

Week 4

This week we have been counting in 2s using pictures of socks and gloves and with numicon and counters. Please ask your child to count in 2s to 20, 50 or 100!

Count by 2 | Dancing 2's | Skip Counting by 2 | Count to 100 | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann

The gruffalos have enjoyed counting and dancing to this video!

Please paint the number grid on the game link below in 2s

(e.g. paint 2, 4, 6, 8 , 10 ......)

In forest school we were working for the Ministry of Magic. We had to find a well shaped stick which was no shorter than 15cm but no longer than 30cm! We also looked at the bug hotel and discovered wood lice and worms. Back in the classroom we have started to decorate our fabulous wands. Hopefully, by Tuesday, we will be able to take them home.

Congratulations to this week's Golden Citizen, Whizzy Worker (unfortunately absent but we gave you a whoosh and a clap!) and Behaviour Superstar!

Week 5

Week 5: Today we were back in the forest school! We tried out our wands, looked for things which are alive, dead but once alive or were never alive. Finally, we wished someone a happy birthday and had a treat!

Forest school day 3: Den building for the mouse, the Gruffalo, the Gruffalo's child, Wild things and Bob the teddy! Excellent team work and communication skills were on display.

Today in creative curriculum we did lots of talk for writing before we put pencil to paper for our wanted posters. Here are some police officers having a news conference to warn the public about a fearsome Gruffalo that is on the loose in the woods!!

Congratulations to this week's (and one person who was absent last week!) Golden Citizen, Whizzy Worker and Behaviour Superstar. Bravo to you all!

Week 6

Week 6: In PE today the children were developing their dribbling, movement and catching skills. We also saw a fantastic rainbow and then experienced some heavy rain just at the end of the lesson!

Today the Gruffalos were scientists with Mrs Lucas and were exploring different habitats and wildlife. Please have a look at these wonderful biologists in action!

Congratulations to this week's Golden Citizen, Whizzy Worker, Behaviour Superstar and Handwriting award winners!!

Week 7

Gruffalo song

We have been practising this song in preparation for our Gruffalo show. Please try at home with actions!

We have been playing this game to challenge our phonics and grammar skills. Have a go at home!

Congrats to this week's Golden Citizen, Whizzy Worker and Behaviour Superstar!

Week 8

Today we played a split diagraph game to revise our phonic and spelling skills. Everyone wrote good sentences and spelt words like "cake", "rude" and "hope" correctly.

A big "Yee Ha!" to our award winners this week!

The gruffalos did their democratic duty by voting carefully for 6 School council candidates. Best of luck to all the year 6s and thank you for your online speeches!