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Autumn term 2

Anansi Christmas Celebrations! We had a fabulous Christmas lunch together with lots of fun with our party hats on!

Over the last few days we have started to decorate the class before the big pack.


We decorated our tree and had a fantastic party.


We hope you like our dance moves!

Anansi class had an amazing time in forest school this week! Mr. Butler made us a camp fire for us to cook bananas and chocolate wrapped in foil on-delicious! Later we had a science scavenger hunt to find different clues of Autumn. What did you find in your team? We all enjoyed playing, climbing and having fun with our friends at forest school! What was your favourite part? The next time we visit forest school we will be in our new school, how exciting! 

Anansi KS1 exploring the forest school Nov 2020

We had a great mucky time at forest school! Thanks to everyone for wearing suitable clothes. I hope they didn't come back too muddy. (Although NR won the prize for being the muckiest!) We hunted for shapes, learnt lots and had lots of fun.

Forest school 20th November 2020 AND Monday 23rd November 2020

Please come to school in clothes you don't mind getting muddy or wet


Tuesday 24th November 2020

Please bring party/xmas clothes for our secret filming project.

If possible please no green!

Year 1 Magic Carpet Flying

This footage was taken from a camera on the front of the magic carpet

Children in need 2020


Wow, we raised so much money today.  We did PE with Joe Wicks and we learnt the proper way to do push ups.  We all had a go at scooting even Mr Murphy and Miss Hargreaves, (although there was no photo evidence).  We did some colouring, drawing, playing, laughing all whilst raising money.  What a great day!

Making a magic carpet


With our stencil we then created our own tile of our magic carpet.  What do you think? Which one works really well? Who tried really hard with their colouring and shading?


We will be taking off with our magic carpets soon...

We have been looking at tessellating patterns as we try to make our Magic Carpet!


We really like the lizards, or are they salamanders?




We created a shape that can be tesselated

AG will you please stand still! smiley

We then used our stencil templates to make our tesselating pattern

Welcome back after half term Anansi class! What an exciting term we have in store for our last half term in Burnaby building!

We have had a fun start to the week with a new PE topic of Street dance which the children have loved showing their creative moves and rhythm!

In science this week we have finished our Autumn topic by showing our knowledge of the season through art. amazing art skills Anansi, I was very impressed!

What colours make you think of Autumn and why? Which colours do not make you think of Autumn?

What would you see and do in Autumn that you wouldn't in Summer?


Today we listened to a radio play about Aladdin. During the play we acted out some of the important parts. Afterwards we talked to our friends about key moments and settings and drew a map: