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Autumn term 2

Christmas in Giants - Before the feast!

Christmas in Giants - The revelry begins!

How do we have a disco? - We can still dance with our friends over Google Meet!

Forest school Autumn 2

This week we have been very busy filming our songs and dance moves for the nativity film. However, we still found time to visit forest school and build dens for our new friends 'the blocks':

We were very proud of the children for their fundraising effort during Children in Need

The whole school did a sponsored scooterthon...this was the Giants part.

Tessellating Patterns

After reading Aladdin, we talked about the magic carpet that is in some versions of the story. We also looked at prayer mats used in Muslim homes. Some children described the mats that are used in their homes. We looked at the very intricate patterns that make them look so beautiful. It was time to make our own!

First we made a template and then worked in pairs to draw around the template to create our tessellating patterns:

Next we had to shade our patterns using a repeating colour scheme

Mrs Goldsmith and Mrs Nellist tag-teamed and put our patterns together making our magic carpet.

We were finally ready for our magic carpet ride!

Year 1 Magic Carpet Flying

This footage was taken from a camera on the front of the magic carpet

Aerial View of the Walkley New Build Site

Take a view through the eyes of a drone as it looks down on the new building at Walkley Primary School

Traditional tales: Aladdin

Today we listened to a radio play about Aladdin. During the play we acted out some of the important parts. Afterwards we talked to our friends about key moments and settings and drew a map:

Learning about collage

This week we looked at the work of Henri Matisse and how you can use collage to create art. We talked about sticking different colours in order to create a picture:

We used tissue paper collage to make masks of the animals from our class book "The Smartest Giant in Town"

Here are some examples of our masks:


All about Weather


is half term we have started looking at the weather and how we can measure different types of weather. 

We have begun making a weather diary and made our own weather devices to allow us to begin collecting weather data. 

We made a rain gauge using an old plastic bottle and put a row of Multilink cubes onto the side so that we could count how many cubes worth of rain we had had. 

All the giants made their own wind socks using card and tissue paper. This showed them how strong the wind was.

Some of the weather reading equipment we already had in school; like thermometers to show how hot or cold it was, but we also found out that our own bodies work as great thermometers too and are great at telling us if the weather is hot or cold. 




Forest School

The Giants have had an amazing time in forest school today. 

We linked forest school activity today, to the science we did last term on Autumn and seasonal changes. The children were given a scavenger hunt challenge using some of the science terminology we have been learning.

The children had to find 12 different things linked to their science work. 

They were amazing and managed to find them all. 

Well done Giants.  

Try asking the children about the things they found that are on these pictures. 

What links them to our science?

What can they tell you about them?