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Autumn Term 2

Autumn 2 Week 7


Here is a fun game we have been playing in Maths, which reinforces a lot of key mental Maths skills: Funky Mummy


We've had a very cosy day making calendars and having a pajama party with hot chocolate. Well done for reaching 100 rewards, you have earned it Storm whales!

Here is a fab song which we have been singing to learn about the 5 oceans: Five oceans song


And here is an interesting clip about the earth: Earth clip

Autumn 2 Week 6


This week we've been feeling very Christmassy... the children loved their Christmas dinner and we enjoyed hearing all the cracker jokes!

In music this week the children put together all their body percussion for the mambo song

This week the children learnt about plastic pollution and learnt a song. We discussed how the lyrics made them feel and watched a short clip of Greta Thurnberg talking to UN world leaders.

Autumn 2 Week 5


In Science we have been learning about animals and their young. Here is a fun game you can play linked to this:

In forest school the children had to find sticks between 10 and 20cm to make their dreamcatchers with

Fantastic teamwork was shown by all as they had the difficult task of tying the sticks together!

The children enjoyed making party hats this week and of course enjoyed the Christmas party! We linked up with the other classes, played some party games, made cards and had some snacks.

Autumn 2 Week 4


This week we've been very busy filming our Christmas show, we are very excited to show it you very soon!


In Literacy this week we have travelled to Tobago as part of our 'Land Ahoy' theme. We imagined how it felt to visit for a character in a story and recorded this on our working wall. The children then acted out a phone call home to explain their feelings and describe Tobago.

In Maths we've been looking at money; recognising different coins and notes and their values, and making values using different coins.

Autumn 2 week 3


Please click here to watch The Storm whale show. We couldn't hear it very well on the speakers in class so hopefully you will be able to hear it ok at home. 

This week we've continued with our new theme 'Land Ahoy'.  Here are some fun songs we have been listening to, which teach key vocabulary around the Geography and Science areas we are looking at. 


Habitats song


Seven continents song

In Maths we've been buying items from the Storm Whale and Gruffalo shop. The children did a great job using recently learnt strategies to add two amounts together and answer in pence. 

Autumn 2 Week 2

What an incredible week! I am so proud of your children: they have worked so hard and are a credit to you!



We have been subtracting single digit and 2 digit numbers using the base 10 Maths manipulatives. The children were flying with this by the end of the week ; some of them were even exchanging tens and ones.


This week, we have been looking at the wonderful world of the octopus. We have learnt some interesting facts and planned an information book. Also, we have created  a story map and performed actions for it. 

Performing a story map

Children in Need


We had a fantastic afternoon on Friday. Various activities include a Scooterathon and a surprise visit from the nations PE teacher. The children had to guess the age of the mystery teacher with answers ranging from 20 to 65. In the end, we settled on 50 and had to do exercises for 50 seconds. 


Autumn 2 Week 1


It's been a great first week back here in Storm Whale class. We have been finishing off 'The Storm Whale show' by acting it out with puppets, making up a dance and telling some jokes. Watch this space for the film!


In PE we continue with ball skills, in RWI we have been making and playing board games which apply phonics skills, and in Maths the children have been learning a new method for addition. This involves putting the tens together, putting the ones together, then adding the tens and ones to find the answer. For a quick demonstration of this method feel free to watch this lockdown video. It is one of my first so please forgive the very amateur presentation! laugh