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Autumn Term 2

Week 1

The Gruffalos were adding larger 2 digit numbers today by making the numbers with practical resources and then adding the tens and ones together. Later on this week we will move from concrete maths to drawing our working out (pictorial). Well done whizzy workers!

Our wonderful music lessons with Miss Burge from the Sheffield Music hub have focused on percussion and learning about "Hall Of The Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg. Please ask your child about how we have learnt how to read musical symbols, find the pulse to a piece of music and make our own percussion combinations.

Body Avlaia Group - In the hall of the body percussion king

A body percussion cover in Grieg's " In the hall of the mountain king". The body percussion class : Varvaki Mata, Georgaka Zoi, Theodoroudi Kassiani, Kaliamp...

Congratulations to this week's Golden Citizen, Whizzy Worker and Behaviour Super Star

Week 2


Today we started to record "The Hopeless Camel: The Movie!" using a green screen. We have made lots of backgrounds which we will insert using special effects and Mr Murphy's superb IT skills. The children are so excited and we will continue to keep you posted.

We saw an incredible cloud formation yesterday at break time!

All had fun during Children in Need day and the school has a raised a great deal for this wonderful charity

Congratulations to this week's Golden Citizen, Whizzy Worker and Behaviour Superstar!

Week 3

Gustavo Dudamel - Bernstein: West Side Story - Mambo (Sinfónica Simón Bolívar Orchestra, BBC Proms)

The Gruffalos have really enjoyed doing body percussion to this thrilling piece of music!

Here is some fun computer coding activities to do! Can you direct the angry bird through the maze by creating the correct instructions?

This week we have started to look at money by "visiting" a Gruffalo shop and buying various objects. Here is a fun game to test your knowledge of coins.

Congratulations to this week's award winners!

Week 4

In our first day at forest school we made dream catchers using branches we collected in the forest school. Excellent binding, tying and weaving skills were on display!

Today in maths we worked out different coin combinations to make 10p, 30p and 50p. The Gruffalos did a great job working in teams and filled their piggy banks!

In forest school today we finished off our dream catchers and made 2x and 5x arrays using leaves and sticks. Well done mathematical explorers!

Congratulations to this week's Golden Citizen, Whizzy Worker and Behaviour Superstar!

Here is some of our "Land Ahoy!" work which the children have brilliantly done. We have imagined we have been chosen by National Geographic kids magazine to tour the 5 oceans of our world learning about different island cultures, ocean wildlife and plastic pollution. Here are some superb designs of our ship. Also many children have researched and written about the octopus. Please have a look at the Gruffalos's tremendous writing and examples of planning and talk for writing. Finally, there are some pictures of the children listening to "Professor Jackson", a marine biologist, who helped us understand these curious and intelligent creatures!

Today we were in the forest school having our "Classwide reward Science Party!". We read the fantastic story "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" by Dr Seus. We then watched a program explaining about an incredible substance similar to the oobleck in the book called a non newtonian fluid. One example of this is mixing corn starch and water. We carefully mixed the ingredients and tried to have a play with it in the forest school. However, Mr Malcolm had bought glutten free corn starch which made it pretty much a plain old liquid! This didn't stop the Gruffalos having a great afternoon where we pretended the floor was lava in the forest school and enjoyed Christmas jar Tombolas!

Week 5

Geography | KS1 | KS2 | The world | BBC Teach

The Gruffalos are navigating the world for our "Land ahoy!" topic. Here is a short film about the geography of our incredible planet!

Five Oceans Song

Congratulations to this week's Golden Citizen, Whizzy Worker and Behaviour Superstar!

Multiply by 5 | Learn Multiplication | Multiply By Music | Jack Hartmann

Multiply by 5 with a rock n' roll beat. Sing along to the 5's times tables by singing along with the multiplication fact the first time through. The secon...

Week 6

Today in maths we bought various items for our "Land Ahoy!" expedition and worked out the change from £20, £50 or £100. The Gruffalos used numicon and diennes as well as drawing their working out too. Great accountancy skills everyone!

This term we have been learning and improving our throwing and catching skills. We have really focused on our stance and follow through when throwing. Here you can see the Gruffalos using hoops, balls and hankerchiefs to throw and catch with accuracy.

The gruffalos had a superb time with our Christmas lunch. Much merriment was on display with crackers popped and jokes told!

The Bag Song | Nick Cope's Popcast | CBeebies

Watch full episodes of Nick Cope's Popcast - sings about a plastic bag in the ocean. To watch the full episode ...

Happy Christmas jumper day and congratulations to all the award winners of this week.

Week 7

This term we have been reading, acting and writing about the story of Gregory Cool. Please ask your child about the incredible island of Tobago and the story of Gregory visiting his grandparents. We have also read and discussed the lovely book  Coming to England by Floella Benjamin set in Trinidad and England.

A special guest came to visit us today and he gave us just what we wanted...a globe for our "Land Ahoy!" project. Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! Mrs Chetcuti and myself will see you in 2021 in our brand spanking new school. You were the last group of children to be in a classroom that is nearly 150 years old and will be the first in the new Walkley Gruffalo class! Thank you for your enthusiasm and curiosity and look after your families in the next 3 weeks!

KS1 Christmas Show 2020

Walkley Primary School KS1 Christmas Performance 2020Please support the Friends of Walkley crowdfunder here: