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Autumn Term 2 - Heroes

Week 5

We have started feeling festive in Seashells class this week. On Monday the children were greeted by a giant Santa on the classroom door and lots of festive cheer in the classroom; including a Christmassy book corner full of festive stories.


We have been very busy practising our Christmas songs and this week we filmed them ready for Miss Hill to put together for all of our wonderful parents and carers.


We've also enjoyed learning to recognise numerals. We played hidden numbers on the whiteboard and we used number fans to find and show numbers. I wonder if they'll be any maths activities in Forest School later this week....


Week 4

We've had another busy week in Seashells Class enjoying our new 'heroes topic, getting ready for Christmas, making shape monsters and measuring the weather. 



The children have been impressing me so much with their skills in our outdoor PE lessons, firstly with hula hoops and then beanbags. This week we added some challenges. Can you throw the beanbag up and clap your hands before you catch it? This really tests your coordination. The children kept practising and lots of them succeeded. We also had to balance the bean bag on our head whilst standing on one leg and we even had a go at jogging with it on our heads too - we concentrated on keeping our heads really still.

The children are very good at working in pairs or groups too. We took turns to throw the bean bags to each other through a hoop - it was trickier than we imagined it would be. Remember practise makes perfect!

Read Write Inc update


The children are doing so well in RWI. They love their daily lessons with Miss Najib our PGCE student. We have learned all the set 1 sounds except for the diagraphs and  have been practising reading words daily with magnetic letters and green words cards. This week we also started to learn how to use our Fred fingers to write words on whiteboards. When we move to our new building, some of the children will move up to Ditty group where they will learn the diagraphs and read a short story in partners. This will take place in a brand new group room between the Seashell and Caterpillar classrooms.


Fire engine writing

This week we learned about fire engines. We watched a time for school clip about a visit from the fire service. Then we looked at a toy fire engine and talked about the different features. We drew a picture of a fire engine in our golden writing books and used Fred fingers to write words describing it.

Week 3

This week we had a delivery of a mysterious box. It contained some clothing and objects. We looked at each one and talked about what they might be used for. We decided that the box belonged to a firefighter. Inside there was also a letter from Ted Bear, (he used to come to Golden Assembly) asking for our help to find out more about firefighters so he can tell all of his Bear friends who are very curious. We discussed some questions to find out about firefighters then we talked about how we might find the answers including: asking a real life firefighter, looking in a book, searching on the internet and watching information videos. 

Later in the week we read an information book called 'Firefighters' and found out about some of the jobs that firefighters do.

We had fun role playing in our new fire station area. Some children made a fire engine outside and helped at lots of different emergencies including a flood, a bike crash and a house fire.

Week 2

This week the Seashells learned all about remembrance day. We watched an animation from cbeebies about a little rabbit who plays in the field where the poppies grow. We talked about how this day is important to remember lots of people who fought to keep us safe during the war. We made a special cut and stick poppy wreath that is now on our classroom door.


In maths we have been learning to compare amounts. We made a number track and then counted out the right amount of objects to match each number. We noticed that as we move forwards along the track the amount gets bigger - there are MORE objects.

On Friday we had to put the spots onto the Pudseys'. We rolled the dice, read the number and then counted out the spots. Afterwards we compared the amounts and then put them in order from smallest to largest.

Children in Need 2020

What a brilliant time the Seashells has raising money for Children in Need. There were lots of Pudsey activities on offer in class including; Pudsey colouring, Pudsey face collages, and Pudsey counting. We also had a disco and listened to the story Pudsey's Great Fundraiser. We listened to some songs from the BBC Children in Need choir too. In the afternoon we took part in a bikeathon in our yard. Everyone cheered, shook the pom-poms and twirled ribbons as each child rode twice around the yard on the bikes. Then we watched this video which shows us why Children in Need is so important and how the money raised helps lots of children all over the UK. Well done everyone!

Thank you for all your generous donations.

Week 1

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a lovely half term break. This term is going to be super busy as we get ready to move to our brand new building as well as enjoy the festivities of a slightly different Christmas.



We were lucky with the weather for our PE lesson and were able to go outside. We used a different piece of equipment - a hula hoop. We worked in pairs to practise lots of skills including:

  • Jumping in the hoop with our feet together
  • Rolling the hoop to each other
  • throwing and catching the hoop
  • Spinning the hoop
  • Hula hooping



On Thursday we talked all about fireworks and why we will have heard and seen lots of them over the last few days. We learned a little about the gunpowder plot and talked about what we usually do on Bonfire night including foods that we eat, places we might go, what we wear to be warm outside and things we see such as fireworks, sparklers and bonfires. We watched a video of a big fireworks display and then we described what we could see and hear. We also imagined we were at a real bonfire celebration and thought about what we might be able to smell or taste.

We did lots of different firework activities including:

  • Firework colouring
  • Chalk firework pictures outside
  • Building bonfires in the construction corner
  • Making number rockets in maths 
  • Firework painting